Tips for Rescheduling Your Interview (With Examples)

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Job interviews can be fun, scary, and full of surprises. No matter how well you prepare for the interview, whether in person or over the phone, you can never be 100% sure you’ll get the job.

Now, picture setting up an important interview, only to find out you must move it. Will you still be in the running for the job? Can you make up for this sudden change in plans, or have you messed up your chances for good?

After all, it’s rare that the company only thinks about you. Today, companies talk to an average of 6–10 people for each job opening.

Having to ask to move a job interview can be awkward, but if you know how to do it well, you won’t feel so bad about it.

The key is to be professional and polite and show the hiring boss exactly what kind of worker you would be if they hired you.

Here are 5 easy steps to reschedule an interview:

Follow the steps below to quickly and confidently reschedule your job interview.

Tips for Rescheduling Your Interview (With Examples)

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Step 1: Make sure your reason makes sense.

Don’t worry if you must redo an interview because of something out of your control. Things like family emergencies, work responsibilities, and being sick are examples of these.

Step 2: Call the hiring manager as soon as possible.

When you cancel at the last minute, like the day of the interview, it can look like you don’t care. Try to contact the employer as soon as you know you won’t be able to make the planned interview, ideally at least a few days in advance.

Step 3: Explain politely why you need to change the date.

When you explain why you must redo the interview, be sincere, sorry, and polite. Mention that you know you’re making the hiring manager’s life harder.

You don’t have to explain in detail why you need to reschedule. Instead, be brief and show your excitement about the chance to interview.

Step 4: Offer a different time for interview

Be as open as possible as you and the hiring manager talk about a new time for the interview. Remember that this chance to try again is a gift. Ask the hiring boss what works best for them, and do what you can to make it work.

Step 5: Say thanks to the hiring manager

As with any request, you should thank the hiring manager for being open to your ideas. Confirm the new interview date and time before you hang up the phone. Write it down in a calendar or set an alarm to remember you.

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