What Is A Dress Code & The Types Of Dress Code For Occasions

What Is A Dress Code & The Types Of Dress Code For Occasions

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What is a dress code?

A dress code is a set of guidelines that determine what people should wear to certain social events. In addition to outlining what employees can wear to a work function, it’s also the standard code of conduct for what to wear at a school dance, club or other social events. It can vary depending on how employees represent the organisation. For example, you may interact with different clients, so they can expect the organisation to be professional and wear attire that aligns with the reputation.

Types of dress codes for different occasions

  • White tie

A white-tie event is one of the most formal occasions because it is the standard costume for a luxury dinner or ball. Attendees typically dress in a black suit or a floor-length gown, with male attendees accessorising with white ties, bow ties, and vests. This occasion allows you to wear accessories that complement your dress, such as gloves, cufflinks, and a top hat. Consider adding some additional adornments to complement the mood, such as a delicate necklace, rings, trendy earrings, bracelets, or a small hand clutch.

  • Black tie

A black-tie event is just as formal as a white-tie event. You can contemplate wearing a gown, dress, or tuxedo to the event, but you must pay special attention to establish whether the occasion is black-tie necessary or black-tie creative, demonstrating some flexibility in changing up your attire. You can still wear a black bowtie or standard tie, but you can also alter the colour in the black-tie creative code to look more unique. Jewellery and purses can be used as exquisite accessories in the creative style.


  • Lounge suit

A lounge suit, often known as business clothing, can be worn to events in the morning, afternoon, or evening. To look more official at these occasions, which might range from weddings to corporate parties, button the top button of your suit. A dress may have long sleeves or a jacket if it comes with one, but you can borrow your plus-one’s jacket if necessary.

  • Cocktail

Cocktail clothing is less formal for office parties and other occasions. For a holiday celebration, a reunion, or an anniversary, a distinctive little black dress or an attractive, sleek red dress is a frequent fashion choice. A skirt and blouse could also work. At cocktail occasions, suits are often grey and coupled with a black tie, but cuff links are optional. You can try to keep your accessories simple. Wear a delicate bracelet on one hand or drape your sunglasses over your neck cuff.

  • Business casual

Most workplaces have a business casual dress code. However, it is appropriate for an office celebration such as a coworker’s birthday during the workday, a white elephant drawing, or an important company announcement. For this type of occasion, a button-down shirt, slacks, and closed-toe dress shoes may be sufficient. Business casual is a mix of professional and informal attire, allowing you to dress more casually while still looking attractive and stylish. Cardigans or a trendy jumper are also suitable. You can also opt to wear a modest blouse or skirt if that appeals to you.

  • Smart casual

Smart casual is a little more relaxed than business casual. This sort of dress accentuates cleanliness and neatness when entering the event. Tailored trousers with a button-down or polo shirt can work nicely in this situation, and you can alter your wardrobe if your function is outside in the sun. If you’re attending a networking event or cocktail party in your neighbourhood, you can also wear a jumper with a simple design, khakis and closed-toe shoes. Glasses, handbags, watches, and messenger bags complement this look perfectly.

  • Festive

Festive clothes are typically associated with the holiday season, yet also have parallels to cocktail attire. Unless the host specifically indicates otherwise, you should avoid wearing jeans and a sweatshirt to a more casual gathering. To blend in with the season’s style, though, it’s normally best to wear a button-down with a blazer and pants.

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