5 Surprising Lesser Known Facts About Currencies

5 Surprising Lesser Known Facts About Currencies 1) Pound sterling is world’s oldest currency still in use UK’s official unit of currency is the Pound Sterling was introduced in the 18th century and is the world’s oldest currency that is still in use.  Sterling is the fourth most-traded currency in

staff accountant

Staff Accountant Job Description Template

What is a Staff Accountant? A Staff Accountant handles a company’s accounting procedures and maintains a healthy financial profile ensuring compliance with state, federal, and local principles. When hiring accounting staff for your company, make sure they’re familiar with all financial laws and regulations that apply in your region and

financial advisor

Financial Advisor Job Description Template

What exactly is a Financial Advisor? A Financial Advisor is a professional who gives strategic advise on financial goods and services, assisting customers in making informed decisions about how to effectively use their money and achieve their financial objectives. They analyse clients’ overall financial picture, assess their needs, and develop

retail banker

Retail Banker Job Description Template

RETAIL BANKER RESPONSIBILITIES INCLUDE:  Assisting with deposit and savings accounts Counseling customers on banking products and services Generating new business by selling to prospective and existing clients JOB BRIEF We are looking for a Retail Banker to assist our customers and advise them on their finances. You’ll be the face