How to Manage Your Money As A Fresh Graduate

How to Manage Your Money As A Fresh Graduate

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Everyone’s finances are unique in their own ways including yours. Most young adults that came out from graduation only possess a basic understanding of money management. Living in the digital age where the jobs industry is rapidly growing and changing, it’s hard to secure a stable income unless you land yourself on the growing field. The rising cost of living and inflation adds up the more financial pressure as purchasing your own house or a car requires you to take a down payment and instalments. Least we forget student debt to clear off too. So what can you do to manage your money if you are living in this struggling times?


The best way to define personal finance to spend less than you currently earn. It could be tempting to spend some of your hard earn salary for your wishlist. Hence why it is essential to come up with your own budget so that you won’t end up spending your money without any restriction or limitation. It wouldn’t be feasible to have a budget unless you train yourself to be disciplined.


If you want to save up money, you will need to control your expenses, especially in today’s economic environment. It would be significantly challenging if your family is dependent on you as well. Spending on new clothes and fancy dining are one of the many luxury experiences that you will need to cut out. It may take time to differentiate what is important and those that do not, so choose wisely.

Excel In Your Career

Besides saving up money and managing your expenses, you will still need to find a way to make more money. This is where you will need to make big leaps in your career advancement that brings in the good salary. Alternatively, you can opt for different sources of side-income. Having side jobs is not uncommon whether it is a side business or freelancing. That said, it won’t be an easy feat as you will need to acquire relevant skills on how to reach out to clients and networking. But at the end of the line, what you have learned and accomplished will serve you well in your current career and the next.

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Purchasing Assets

Not a lot of young Malaysians are exposed to the idea of investment. Those who are not will either have no interest or simply too afraid of losing money. If you have not explored further besides fixed money deposits, you can try looking into low-cost mutual funds, Amanah Saham or Real Estate Investment Trust(REIT). Regardless if you will end up earning or losing money you will certainly gain new knowledge and experience if you wish to venture into investment.

Invest In Yourself

For most people out there, they think that investing is all about purchasing stock market or buying property. Technically they are still good investments but there is nothing even more significant than investing in yourself. You will be able to nurture your skills and extending your reach to new people. Here are a few successful billionaires, CEO’s and entrepreneurs spend time on to become who they are such as Richard Branson :

  • Make Reading a Daily Habit
  • Listen to Podcasts Frequently
  • Attend for Live Seminars
  • Apply for Online Courses or Get a Coach/Trainer/Mentor
  • Watching Motivational Videos

Start investing in yourself today so that you will be able to gain the returns throughout your life. For every turn you spend the money on resources for yourself, you are a step closer to reaching your goals and dream. It could be as simple as learning on how to play the piano, a weekend break or learning to paint.

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