Careers at Uber: Building Something Big Together

Careers at Uber: Building Something Big Together

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Isn’t it fascinating how technology has become an integral part of our world today? Among the most successful tech startups that contributed to the global digital transition, Uber is undoubtedly the front-runner with its innovative cab hailing solution.

Here’s what we have to say about this fast-growing company, from its inception stage to the era of app-based transportation.

Uber was set to solve the taxi services’ problems

In most metropolises, the number of public cabs is certainly inadequate to meet demands of commuters. Having experienced the difficulty in getting a ride themselves, Uber’s Founders Travis Kalanick and Garret Camp were urged to solve this issue – and came the birth of Uber in 2009.

The idea behind Uber is simple – to help people order a ride with the tap of a button. The startup has since then connected millions of drivers and riders across the globe. As of 2016, it’s reported that there are over 40 million active users on its platform and still growing!

Uber Founders

The impact of Uber is even more significant in Malaysia, where taxis are the least favoured mode of transportations due to the ridiculously high costs and some drivers’ unpleasant manners. Thankfully, Uber’s services have been regulated and we all can now enjoy an effortless way to get around.

Life at Uber

uber office

Without further introduction, Uber is the new Google! As a “unicorn” company (billion-dollar startup), Uber is inarguably one of the most desired places to work for among millennials. Besides the awesome startup culture, its dynamic team and constant challenges are what makes the company an ideal workplace, especially when it comes to career growth.

At Uber, everything revolves around ideas and innovations and any individual is encouraged to strive for the impossible. With a fast-paced developing process, working at Uber is definitely not a walk in a park as some would imagine. If you are confident that you have what it takes to become a part of its global team, here are some insights of a typical Uber’s interview.

Uber’s Interview Process

Based on over 2500 reviews on Glassdoor, getting a “ride” to Uber’s corporate headquarters is already a remarkable experience itself. With the difficulty level rated at 2.9 on the scale of 5, an interview with Uber is definitely not a mission impossible.  

The number one requirement is analytical skill, it is crucial to the positions such as Engineer (obviously), Operations and Logistics, General Manager, and Marketing. This quality is assessed through situational questions, which will enable the candidates to hit the ground running. Hence, there are no right or wrong answers, the interview success is entirely based on your practical skills and knowledge.

There are usually more than 3 rounds of assessment before you can get to the face-to-face interview at the Uber office. The process can take up to seven weeks, as experienced by one of the candidates for the Marketing Manager position. So before you hit the “apply” button, make sure that you have absolutely no other projects going on at the same time.

Here are some of Uber’s interview topics that we have compiled from Glassdoor:

  • Create a business model using a raw data set – Operations and Logistics Manager
  • System design and coding knowledge – Software Engineer and Data Scientist
  • How would you re-engage users who have only used Uber once? How can those different audiences be segmented?  – Marketing Manager
  • How would you automate the lost item recovery process without eliminating the human element? – Community Manager
  • Hustle test: on board five drivers in the next three days – Partner Support Representative

Uber is HIRING

If you have made it this far of the article, why not giving it a try? Apply for your dream job at Uber now!

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