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I’m in the office, primed with breakfast, ready to type furiously and weave a story or two. I start by going through my work emails while catching up on the news and industry updates. After that, it’s on to the content calendar. I get my assignment and ask my editor any questions I may have.


I put together a brief outline in my head before I start with research. With all the information that’s available on the web, it’s hard not to get distracted or carried away. Thankfully, I have a list of credible sources I rely on for information.

Soon after, it’s time to get down to business. I set aside an interrupted hour or two to read and collect information about my topic for the day. Some articles are more technical than others and require more in-depth research including a variety of sources (people in the industry, videos, interview transcripts, book excerpts). I adjust my time allocation accordingly.


As a web content writer, I wear different hats daily. One day I’m a networking hotshot churning out advice. The next, I’m a professional on productivity. Last week, I travelled the world (in my head) to look for the best countries to work in. Tomorrow, I’ll be wearing another hat to write another relevant and relatable article. It’s a good thing that I love hats, headbands and accessories in general.


I write short sentences.
I write longer sentences to elaborate my point.
I sneak in wordplay, idioms or metaphors where I can.
I write a flurry of words.
I turn to my best friend, the dictionary, to remove jargon.
I stay in research mode to keep up with ideas.
The panic sets in.
I pull myself together and continue.
I get myself another cup of coffee.
I write another flurry of words.
I rinse and repeat as necessary.


I’m satisfied with the end result. I take a break away from my desk before editing. I send the article to my editor. I look for complementary pictures while I wait for feedback. I also use this time to proofread articles written by other team members.

I get the article back from my editor and check it for corrections and suggestions. We discuss and I make the final adjustments. After which, I upload the article to our blog.

5:45 – 6:00pm

Lastly, I click the publish button. The (imaginary) crowd goes wild. While there isn’t a fixed schedule, time management is essential. When all is said and done, it’s thrilling to be able to do what I love. Stringing words together that relate to people gives me a sense of purpose (that’s the passion talking). So, if you enjoy researching, reading, writing, discovering new things and wearing different hats  – content writing could be your calling.

Handy tips from one web content writer to the next:

  • Find your voice and write in your own unique way
  • Write with your reader in mind
  • Remember, the dictionary is your best friend
  • Research is essential
  • Develop relevant story angles to help your content stand out
  • Remember that every writer works differently
  • Your peak hours of creativity may vary daily/weekly
  • Practice makes you better
  • Reading is essential (no, your Facebook feed does not count)
  • Keep your paragraphs and your sentences short
  • Be your own cheerleader
  • Edit
  • Edit again

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