8 Simple (and Awesome) Office Pranks for April Fools

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So you are in a work meeting when your boss informs you that you will be relocated to the company’s office in Thailand. And he won’t take “no” for an answer.

You are on an emotional roller coaster of disbelief and frustration (or excitement). Just when you thought the ride couldn’t get any crazier, your colleagues decide to hold a farewell lunch for you on the spot!

During this impromptu lunch treat, you receive a present from the team and once you open it, this is what you see:

Surprise! Happy April Fools’ Day ?

Don’t become April’s fool this year (thankfully, it falls on a Saturday!).

Even if you’re usually the one who falls for pranks, it’s still worth checking these 8 harmless office pranks out. It’s all in the spirit of adding some fun to your workday:

Disclaimer: Please don’t try them if your bosses generally don’t appreciate your sense of humour

#1: The double-trouble mouse

broken laptop mouse
Credit: reddit.com via TheLiam31217

Stick a piece of post-it or a picture underneath your colleague’s mouse AND disconnect it from their laptop or computer. They will discover either the “problem” thinking that your trick failed, only then to be disappointed because the mouse still wouldn’t work.

#2: The I-will-buy-you-lunch prank

Credit: pinterest.com

This is just pure evil!

#3: The funky eyes

Credit: buzzfeed.com

Stick googly eyes on the portrait pictures and other objects around the office, we promise it won’t be very noticeable 😉

#4: The free chocolate candies for all!

Credit: boredpanda.com

No, there is no cooking involved. You will only need onions, melted chocolate, and a naïve victim who never says no to free food. Now watch the fun begin!

#5: The disappointing balloon room

Credit: pinterest.com

Who doesn’t love walking into a room full of balloons? Oh, wait…

#6: The bathroom resident

“Someone has been in the bathroom for hours!”, try complaining to your boss and let him/her figure this out:

Credit: buzzfeed.com


#7: The haunting office ghost

Credit: pinterest.com

Having The Ring’s Samara Morgan crawling her way out from the TV screen may be a classic move. How about building her a new home in your office ceiling?

#8: Or simply put a smile on someone’s face

Credit: pinterest.com

“Mirror under repair. Please do not use.”

Have you tried any of those pranks? Do share with us if you have more fun ideas to surprise your colleagues with in the comments below!

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