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20 Books, Blogs, & Podcasts to Master Social Media Marketing

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Over the past few years, we have experienced the growth of social media. Its evolution has brought about many advancements in the way we share information, stories, and updates with not just our close family and friends but people around the globe.

Add artificial intelligence (AI) to the mix and you’ve got a (somewhat) friendly beast that is actively predicting and learning from your online behaviour. This is done to provide a more customized user experience and it cuts through some of the noise.

What does this constant evolution mean for businesses trying to reach their customers in more personal ways? That’s where social media marketing comes in. With frequent updates to algorithms on Facebook and Instagram among others, the social media universe is becoming more and more competitive. This, in turn, means it won’t be as easy as it was before for you to engage with your audience.

But, name me a marketer who doesn’t like a challenge.

You may be wondering how can you keep up with the latest in social media marketing techniques and improve your brand/service presence if the landscape keeps changing. These books, blogs, and podcasts we’ve curated should help you scratch the surface.



Adam Alter, an associate professor of marketing and best-selling author, put together a fascinating read that examines the rise of behavioural addiction and provides suggestions for you to address your own addictive behaviours. This deep and wide-ranging study will illuminate you personally and professionally.


This book brings together the best parts of the New York Times bestselling author’s previous books (Crush It! And The Thank You Economy) with a twist. With this book, you will learn how to connect with your customers on different platforms and knock out the competition.


A digital marketing pioneer, keynote speaker and marketing consultant, Jay Baer delves into some basic concepts, inbound marketing, content relevancy, and tells you what and how you can be doing to get the customers you want.


Look into the history, science, and art of sharing to understand how it gives brands and individuals a competitive edge. Authored by Bryan J Kramer, this book gives you context on why people share, how it is a sensory experience, the importance of timing and it helps you champion valuable content.


On Social Media Examiner

By Seth Godin, author and Founder of altMBA

A social media speaker, trainer and, social media author

On Entrepreneur



Hosted by Bernie Borges on Social Business Engine

with Paul Roetzer, Founder & CEO at PR 20/20

Hosted by Jay Baer, Convince & Convert

Hosted by Bernie Borges on Social Business Engine

with Joe Cothrel, Chief Community Officer at Lithium Technologies

Hosted by Bernie Borges on Social Business Engine

with Lauren Friedman, Head of Social Business Enablement at Adobe

Hosted by Gary Vaynerchuk, Entrepreneur, CEO, Investor, Vlogger, and Public Speaker

Hosted by Rick Mulready, Facebook ads expert Rick, 

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