6 types of freelancers companies are looking to hire now

6 Types of Freelancers Companies Are Looking to Hire Now

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Finding a full-time job in today’s market isn’t the easiest thing to do. To top that off, waiting it out for work that truly inspires you can sometimes have the opposite effect (when you don’t find what you’re looking for). However, the opportunities to raise your income on the side are aplenty in today’s digital age. Just a quick search on Jobstore.com and you’re greeted with more than a one-page list of freelance jobs for you to look into. 


We’ve all seen/heard about the work-from-home trend that’s on the rise. On top of that, there are plenty of full-timers who dabble with other tasks on the side to bring home something extra. Think of it as actively building up a safety net. 


What’s exciting about freelance work is that it’s usually a one-off task or a short-term project. This gives qualified individuals the ability to rake in extra Ringgit in the comfort of their own homes and within a couple of clicks (for data entry or paid surveys at least). Here are some the freelance job listings available on the Jobstore.com platform. 


1. Designing

Got a knack for designing? One of the benefits of freelancing on the side is that you have control over the jobs and clients you take. If you don’t agree with their business practices, payment process, or personality, you can refer the client to another designer. This allows you to fully utilize your creativity in an environment that you are comfortable with. 


2. Photography

Calling all shutterbugs! Say your 9 – 5 gig is heavy on the use of your right brain and you’d like to find some balance. You also happen to be a decent photographer (with an actual camera, not your smartphone). Try looking into freelance photography work to get your creative wheels turning. The perks of taking photos on a freelance basis are that you can shake things up in terms of your work environment and meet interesting people. 


3. Web development and designing

Everything is online these days (we’ve even got virtual grocery shopping you guys!). As such, there are those with web development and web design needs looking for freelancers to work with. If you’ve got the technical skills and some free time on your hands – why not earn a little extra doing what you do best? 


4. Sales & Marketing

In an effort to reduce labor expenses, health care costs and office space, more business are on the lookout for quality freelancers to work on a contract basis instead. This is also true for those in sales and marketing. If you’ve got the artform of closing a sale down to a ‘T’, then you should browse through the companies looking for a freelancer with your skill set. 


5. Translators

If language is your strong suit, you could look into freelance translator jobs on Jobstore.com. This is about making your skills work in your favour after all. Not only is the choice yours to make, you get to take home all the profit to boot. The key here would be finding the balance between the hours you spend at your full-time job and how long it takes you to complete a freelance project in your free time. 


6. Trainers

One of the things you pick up by doing freelance work is how many hats you have to wear. It’s about building your personal skills, as well as learning how to better manage your time, money and the services you have to offer. These are the type of skills that can go beyond your day job. Take training jobs for example. As a trainer, you’ll need to be able to connect with people and convey information in a clear, concise and easy to understand manner. 


Build Your Personal Brand

Whichever path you land on (full-timer by day, freelancer by night or full-time freelancer), remember that you are building your personal brand. Keeping this in mind as you go about your day will enable you to handle situations better, interact with clients in a professional manner and learn more about managing your professional income. 


Important To Note

Before you go over to the freelance side, take some time to make sure that it doesn’t go against your full-time job’s policies. Some agencies and corporations have a strict ‘no freelance work’ rule whilst others don’t mind as long as it is kept out of the office and done during your personal time. It is important to know where you stand before committing to projects outside of your full-time employment so there’s no conflict. 


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