5 Tips to Maintain Self-Discipline at Work

5 Tips to Maintaining Self-Discipline at Work

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Confidence is one of the best motivators for self-discipline. When people say, “I have the capability to do that,” this goes to show that self-discipline can be possessed and learned by most people given the choice. Learn it through intentional and dedicated exercise and practice. Once you’ve mastered and applied it to your career life, you can gain your achievements and establish a better life for yourself.

1. Know Your Weaknesses

It is important to know your weaknesses as it can hold you back from attaining many great things in life. Weaknesses are aspects you should have the sheer will to change and it can be in any form from professional to social skills.

Recognise your strengths and weaknesses. Take the RichardStep Strengths and Weaknesses Aptitude Test (RSWAT) online to help you get a better understanding of your weaknesses especially when it touches on your career.

Generally, when employees reflect upon themselves, they tend to focus on amplifying their strengths instead of improving their weaknesses. But paying attention to your weakness will help balance out what you are lacking in. By doing so, it can contribute towards your personal growth.

Take for instance, if you are working on an advertising campaign and you are not familiar with running digital ad campaigns on Facebook. Do your research or reach out to experienced digital advertisers for pointers. By learning extra skills such as this, you will get to manage your own online advertisements instead of opting for outsourcing services in the future.

2. Learn to Tolerate Stress

It is impossible to avoid stress, regardless how charmed your life may be. Physical and mental challenges that you face in life are inevitable. Learning to relax and remain calm is essential to have a  steady mindset.Once you know how to cope with stress, you will not always be in a constant state of discomfort.

Learn to accept mistakes and move on with the lessons. Recognise the situation you are in and don’t ignore it for whatever reasons.Practice shifting your focus to different perspectives instead of going through a stressful situation… Take for instance, if you find yourself stuck in a long meeting or discussion and feeling stressed or losing your focus, excuse yourself for a short breather to realign your focus…

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3. Visualize Success

Visualisation has been utilised by people to imagine their preferred outcomes and successes. This practice allows one to accomplish their task or goal with complete focus and confidence. Visualisation helps to develop a creative subconscious which pushes to generate unique ideas. For example, while sitting down with your team for a brainstorming session, encourage them to visualise, while developing a theme for an advertising campaign.

Practising visualisation is pretty straightforward. Sit in a comfortable position, shut your eyes, take deep breaths and imagine as detailed as possible. Construct an image in your mind which represents the goal or dream you want to achieve. Maintain your focus on the imagery and tell yourself you can attain it.

Even though the practice of visualisation is easy to do, you don’t have to spend the entire day thinking just about your goals. You can plan to do it twice a day as a habit… Visualise first thing in the morning and right before you call it a night.

4. Surround Yourself With Like-Minded Individuals

If you want to excel in life, be it becoming a wealthy or an expert in your field, you should stick around with people who shared similar goals as yours. You can start things off by networking with known entrepreneurs or any individuals who share the same field of interest.

Refrain from keeping contact with people who are toxic and negative, you don’t want your life to be affected by them especially if they don’t offer any impact towards fulfilling your goals.

Mingle with people who want to make a difference and leave a legacy in their life and yours. The ones who are more than willing to assist others. Most importantly, be a good listener and you will pick up a thing or two from them or may even inspire them too!

5. Be Accountable

We all face problems and challenges at work, whether it’s about dealing with excessive workloads, having issues with your colleagues or with your boss. All these setbacks can be mitigated if you learn to become accountable for your own actions.

Develop your own personal mission statement as a start. Manage yourself by searching for a way to combine your values into what you do at work. Write it down and ensure it aligns with your core values and defines what you must do daily.

Writing down your short and long-term goals will help you greatly. The best approach is to write down a goal that is achievable on a single task daily. Strike it off happily when it is completed it and will serve as a stepping stone towards your final achievement. Last but not least, reflect back on your past accomplishments and indicate which part of you have improved. Through this simple process, you are set to transform your productivity, attitude and success for the better.

Best of luck!

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