Weekend Treat: Must-Try Desserts in KL

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Get ready to indulge because it’s the weekend and time to celebrate victories of the week with some special treats! We’ve listed down five of the best desserts in town worth trying.

Salted Egg Yolk Waffle

Where: Inside Scoop

If, like most Malaysians; you’ve caught on to the salted-egg-yolk-everything phase, you need to try this dessert. Made upon order, the freshly made fluffy and warm charcoal waffle comes with a syringe filled with oozy, salty-sweet salted egg yolk sauce ready to be drizzled on some ice cream. Pick one of their signature flavours like cempedak, horlicks, durian or teh tarik for an interesting mix and we promise it’ll be love at first bite.

Photo source: Inside Scoop

Café Au Lait (Petite Gateau)


Where: The Tiny Temptress

This patisserie located in Bangsar is popular for their attractive and delicious dessert fare. Try the Café Au Lait, a cute coffee-chocolate dessert from their petite gateau range. What’s in it? An edible chocolate cup (and saucer!) filled with chocolate mousse, sponge, some crumble, finished with a lovely coffee ganache. Oh, la la!

Photo source: The Tiny Temptress

Chocolate Chip Cookie Bowl


Where: CookieNation

What’s better than a chocolate cookie? A chocolate chip cookie bowl filled with creamy ice cream, of course. One of their latest creations, CookieNation introduces a sinful pairing only for a limited time. The warmth and crunchiness of the baked cookie bowl complements the sweetness of its ice cream filling topped with more chocolate chip. It’s so moorish, you may want to devour it sans ice cream. Don’t forget to try their other cookie variants and ice cream while you’re there too.

Photo source: CookieNation

Duria-Cendol and Nama-Duria Toast


Where: Haraju-Cube

Attention all durian lovers, this one is for you! Send your taste buds into a tizzy with a mouthful of authentic and homemade D24 durian ice cream on thick toast or mixed in a cendol drink. The owners of the cafe claimed that drizzled honey will elevate the sweetness, so you can be sure the dessert will be suited to your liking. Did we mention how insta-worthy the dessert looks too?

Photo source: Haraju-Cube

Japanese Chiba Sweet Potato Kakigori


Where: Kakigori

A great dessert option for those who don’t really gravitate towards the richness of chocolate. Kakigori serves up this icy treat which is a crowd-pleaser, aesthetically and through its taste. It’s a Japanese shaved ice dessert with a hint of sweet potato flavour topped with one of their Yoyogi custard pudding. A well-balanced, fibre-induced treat after dinner treat, we say!

Photo source: Kakigori

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