11.11 Shopping Craze: Items That’ll Make Working Great Again!

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Unofficially the ‘Black Friday’ of Asia, “Singles Day 11.11” is the world’s biggest sales event that gathers hundreds of millions of online shoppers in China alone. Malaysia has already caught on the shopping craze and this year, there are countless of vendors and online merchants offering jaw-dropping deals for all types of products imagined.

Don’t miss out on this awesome mega sales. We have compiled the best items you can splurge on to make working great again!

Foot Hammock

Source: AliExpress.com

Sitting for long hours is probably is worse than you might think as it affects your metabolism. By elevating your legs, you essentially reduce the pressure on your legs, helping your body to feel more relaxed while sitting.

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Mug Warmer

Source: LaughGift

What’s even better than hibernating in a freezing cold office is a warm cup of coffee to warm up your soul! Simply plug in the USB port to keep your beverage at the perfect temperature.

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Beverage Cooler (Mini USB Fridge)

Source: ThinkGeek

For those who can’t live without cold drinks, this magical (and undeniably cute) invention is just as good as having non-melting ice cubes!

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Balance Ball Chair

Source: Brookstone

Are you one of those fitness enthusiasts who make the gym their home? You can now build strong core muscles and improve posture and decrease discomfort even in the office!

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Portable Wi-Fi Scanner

Source: Lazada

This handy gadget will make paperwork less tedious. You can instantly scan any document or photo via Wi-Fi connection and download them from your devices.

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Kindle E-reader

Source: Digital Trends

Don’t give any excuses not to read books! Why not bring home a Kindle to access thousands of books anytime and anywhere. Known for its paper-like screen, you’ll have the same experience as reading traditional books.

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Source: Cottonon.com

Nothing can compare to the excitement of jotting down words on a fresh new journal. As the year is drawing closer to an end, let’s bring out the inner artist in you with these notebook collections  by Typo!

Bonus: Check out these enchanted bullet journal ideas. 

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Decorative Bookends

Source: Cottonon.com

Give your bookshelf a touch of glam with these glamorous bookends. It’s the little things like this that inspire us to read more. ? 

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Noise Cancelling Headphones

Source: Lelong

For those who are more productive with background noise aka music, a pair of good noise cancelling headphones is a necessity. Boost your focus and emerge in your own zone for maximum productivity!

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Wacom Bamboo FolioDigital Notebook

Source: Wacom Bamboo

Imagine being able to digitalise your spontaneous ideas (in your own handwriting) and have them saved across devices, visualising your thoughts is much simpler now. We call it witchcraft!

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