Here Is A List of Ridiculous Office Rules That Shouldn’t Be Enforced In Your Office

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Rules are established in the company to maintain the work standard for employers and employees alike. But there are specific rules can leave you scratching your head or worse taking a hit towards your morale at work. Here are the five ridiculous office rules that company should not be put into practice.


Banning the use of social media platforms

Some employers may think that employees are wasting their time messaging friends or watching cute animal videos. That said there are potentials that social media could bring into the workplace. Allowing the use of social media can be used as a useful branding tool, it gives employees the opportunity to share news and insights about the company. It is also a great way to build a network with other people, whether internal or external. Recruitment has taken a step further where it is now easier to attract the right talents to your brand.


The use of smartphones is prohibited during working hours

Employees use their devices mainly to make phone calls or send text messages while at work. Spending a few minutes won’t make a significant impact at work, but prolonged use can become a severe distraction which is a problem. Implementing a guideline will help employer and employees compared to outright banning the use of mobile phones. For instance, any personal calls should be taken outside the office or private area to avoid distracting other people. A formal policy for a particular device can be enforced to ensure all employees adhere to the rules. However, a clear guideline should be reason enough to ensure employees work hours are not severely affected.


Using headphones at work

Some employers are against the idea of using headphones during working hours. Some may be viewed as anti-social, unapproachable, or not fully paying attention. Depending on your work nature or your office culture, the use of headphones can be a remedy to boost productivity at work. For instance, it helps out with tuning down office noise which help users to focus and concentrate on their work. It is best to know when to tune into your music and maintaining your control of volume. This way you can enjoy listening to your music while able to pick up assistance when called upon by your peers.


Eating your meal at the work desk during your break

Allowing employees to chow at their desks may give rise to issues like cleanliness, hygiene and odour.But a proper food and drink policy can be implemented to provide a certain amount of freedom. For example, allowing light snacks and drinks store in non-spill cups or bottles is reasonable enough for people to take their meal at their desk. Food storage should be prioritised to ensure they are properly kept and dispose of off to avoid attracting pests.


Sending personal packages to your workplace

Having care packages delivered straight to your office steps isn’t a huge deal especially in SME enterprises, but it will raise a few questions from your boss. The concern of not knowing what the contents delivered to the office can be unnerving if the employees’ private life is not widely known. It is best to get consent from your employers in regards to having postage delivery to the company before making any purchase decisions.

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