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These 5 Resume Rules Reached 180k Audiences in Facebook

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Are you following these resume rules when drafting a resume?📌
We share these 5 resume tips again with you because we know you do not want to miss these or miss sharing them with your friends.

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1. Choose the right format to send to the employer.

Submit your resumes in PDF to retain the format, especially for creative resumes.


2. Use a standard font

Stick to the standard web font like Tahoma, Calibri or Helvectica. Don’t use “flowery” font in your resume as it shows lack of professionalism.


3. Share appropriate information

Only share appropriate information on your resume, omit the details that are not relevant to your professional background.
Limit your personal details to one line to save space for more important parts like Experiences and Achievements.


4. Include specific and quantifiable achievements

Try to describe your achievements as specific as possible. Don’t fall into the cliches!


5. Demonstrate professional skills with proof or recognition

Make sure that you showcase the most relevant skills that the employer is looking for, ideally with actual recognition and certifications.

Resume Rules


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