How Would You Describe Your Ideal Boss?

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One of the key factors in finding happiness our career is the relationship with our boss. A good boss can make your working life tolerable and can even be enjoyable. Whereas a bad boss can turn things the other way around where you will be filled with awful working experience.

Not even your boss can be the perfect person to work with, but people can become better by honing their leadership skills. For one to become admired and respected by their employees, learning on how to become a great boss can be a game changer in the company.

To understand what it takes to become an ideal boss, one must understand what are the key traits to become one.


Positive and Passionate

Leaders with a positive and passionate trait are capable of working countless hours, overcoming all odds and challenges to successfully achieve their goal. Great visionaries such as Walt Disney, Martin Luther King, etc possess great passion as part of their leadership trait. That is why people are looking up to these people to lead them. Having a positive and passionate ideal will lead a happier life and be surrounded by like-minded individuals with great ideas.


Honest and Empathetic

Being honest and emphatic means you being flexible with the staff members at the workplace. Having these traits means your boss is open to communicating, capable of reading body language and cues to cater towards the diverse working styles among the employees. Opening themselves to honest feedback can be a stepping stone towards building a strong leadership. Having the following traits exercised by your boss will also shape the organisation and improve workplace satisfaction for everyone in the company.


Guiding and Supportive

One of the most important aspects of building a team is to get the foundation right, that means getting sufficient support to maintain the staff members. Having the capability to guide and support to keep the focus during working times will help you become an effective worker. If you put your very best effort at work, your boss will be more than welcome to reward you with equal value.


Motivational and Nurturing

To be ambitious towards reaching towards your goals and accomplishments one must be motivated to commit to achieving it. Same applies to your boss as each person is motivated to achieve their own personal goals. Having your boss to build motivation and nurturing you and your colleagues in the workplace is essential, as it will build up your commitment to put your best effort at work. That said every individual background, skills and experiences vary from person to person, nurturing each person should be unique as well.


Creative and Inspiring

Creativity allows people to seek out alternative ways to solve problems. As a great boss, they look into a variety of training techniques and development goals for their employees. Most of all they are open to ideas and accept them with sincerity.Inspiring staff members to bring creative ideas to the team has to go hand in hand, it also helps to improve their workflow and approaches which leads to a happier, more invested team.

Inspiration is shown by having leaders admitting their shortcomings and failures. From their optimism to find a better solution it can be the spark that light the inner fire of every employee to strive to become better at their work and enjoying what they do best.


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