4 Ways to Build Tolerance in the Workplace

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Workplaces are made up of people who come from different backgrounds and have completely individual personalities. In some cases, the diversity can cause tension and make it difficult for employees to get along easily.

Building tolerance in the workplace is an essential part of making the workers get along and enhance creativity and cooperation between them. The more they respect and trust each other, the better the results will be. Here are some ways to help achieve that.


1.Set an example for your employees

If you are the director of a company, you are the number one person your employees should look up to if you wish to influence their behaviour in the workplace. The most important thing to do is set an example for them to follow, which will be evident in your day to day lifestyle.

It is very important that you teach them tolerance through your action and not your words. Be compassionate and understanding when dealing with them and their issues and you will be able to help them develop tolerance themselves.


2. Encourage communication

Communication is the most important thing in a company. Not only will your employees be able to better communicate their problems but they will also start building trust which will help them work more effectively together.

Making communication a top priority in the workplace is very important in order to make sure that everyone is treated equally and that your employees know how to even treat the potential customers with respect.


3. Treat everyone with the same respect

Treating everyone with the same respect you wish to receive is a principle that should really grow in every workplace and it can truly help tolerance be established. Respecting others allows you to accept their different beliefs and opinions and helps you to work with others without any judgment.

Putting this principle in a high position is a very important action and should be done by the leader of the company, in order for the rest of the company to start putting it to work. Having high morals and setting a good example is a great way to promote respect in the workplace and to avoid coming across very difficult and unpleasant situations.


4. Ask your employees to reach out for help

There is no better way to help your employees to get to know each other and to trust each other than to encourage them to reach out to each other when they are in need of help. Learning from one another and sharing their personal knowledge and experiences will bring them closer together and help them work more effectively as a team. Helping each other will allow them to build a team spirit and to understand how each and every one of them works together instead of for or by themselves. Allow your employees to help their co-workers resolve any difficult issues that might arise and they are bound to start working better together in a very short period of time.


Creating a better working environment

The biggest reason why tolerance is truly needed in a workplace is that it can definitely help the company do a much better job and be a lot more productive. The better the relationships between the employees the bigger the success will be.

When people who work together understand each other and feel comfortable enough to turn to each other for help and support, they will be a lot more understanding towards each other’s different personalities and they will treat each other with a lot more respect.

This article is contributed by Sylvia Giltner, writer of ResumesCentre.

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