How To Achieve 6-Figure Income In Your Company

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How do you grow and earn a 6 figure income in your organisation? Executives who move effectively into higher positions have several things in common. These talented individuals priorities communication, leadership skills and value team effort. However being a leader today is more complex than ever. Businesses found in this era are either international or multinational. In both cases, it demands a leader who has cultural awareness and digital fluency to manage diverse team and customers. 


Be Open. 

If you aspire to climb high in the company you’re working for, let it be known. Inform your boss about your aspirations and work together to develop the necessary skills to make a jump.


Level Up Your Skills. 

Managerial Positions are a lot more demanding than their counterpart. You’ll need to apply your leadership skills, expect less leisure time and a number of other new responsibilities. For this reason, you need to ensure your technical skills are sharp enough not to slow you down in your new role. Stay up to date with the latest trends, do your research and embrace every opportunity to sharpen your skills.


Be One Step Ahead.

Anticipate your manager’s needs and expectations. Think back to some of your previous conversations and projects. Think beyond your current job scope. Do you have an going project? Are there any other things to push for a successful finish? Be one step ahead and do what’s needed before you’re even asked. 


Prove your Worth.

It is critical to have positive results to backup your ambitions to land a higher position. If you want to show your boss your value before asking for the promotion, set up a meeting to highlight your goals to the company. Strive to provide concrete figures to explain your contribution and make your claim indisputable. 

With that said, here are a list of reputable job positions with six figure incomes: 

1) Sales Director 
 Apply here 
2) Enterprise Database Data  
Apply here
3)Head of Finance  
Apply here
4) Head of Marketing  
Apply here
5) Safety and Health Officer 
Apply here
6) Head of Translation Department 
Apply here
7) Head of Localisation Department 
Apply here
8) Financial Controller 
Apply here
9) Finance and Budgeting Manager 
Apply here
10) Hotel Finance Manager 
Apply here
11) Legal and Corporate Secretarial 
Apply here
12) Audit Manager 
Apply here

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