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If you are searching for a job or making the climb on your career ladder, at Reddit you can find optimistic advices from people and those who have have been in your shoes before. Here is a collection of some of the most upvoted advices from Reddit’s no chances for job growth or improvement thread as they provide hands-on experience about careers and work.


Career Advice

 If there are no chances for job growth or improvement, it is time to move on. You are worth more the more you learn. Otherwise, you are getting paid less the more you know.

Life is a journey, your goals should be emphasized on finding achievement through your career instead of holding on to a single job. If there is no place for you in your current job, go look for a new one with a better income, fresh work environment and most importantly an opportunity for you to grow further.


Never take a problem to your boss until you have multiple solutions to it.

Struggling with managing a project that is under budget? Clients delaying the payments upon completion of outsourcing service? It is never easy to sit down and tell your boss about this problem but if you come up with several solutions for your boss to decide it will help them feel in control of the situation and creating an impression that shows that you are a valuable asset to the company.


Employers put “entry level” in job titles to trick applicants into accepting less pay. In the “entry level” job requires you to have significant experience, demand more than starting pay.

Salary negotiation can be challenging for jobseekers that pursue entry-level positions. If you have a specific set of skills that are largely on demand among employers, you can propose an offer especially if the hiring manager is open to negotiation when it comes to salary and other forms of benefits.


Resume Tips

Save your resume as a PDF before sending it out. This guarantees the layout, structure, typography to be 100% consistent to all viewers, and no one will have issues opening it.

Unless there is a specific reason that is required given in the job offer or by the employer, converting your resume into a PDF format provides a quick and easy step to print your resume. Also, ensure the fonts are embedded in your PDF to avoid the fonts being changed from the recipient end.


When you get a new job, save the description and requirements from the application and use it to later add the job to your resume.

Instead of waiting to polish your resume only when you are looking for a job. Do it now instead, you will never know if a better opportunity comes into light or the worse getting a layoff. To maintain your resume updated in real time, what you can do is keep a work journal. Note down every major accomplishment or milestone that you have achieved. At the very least you will also have a physical document for a performance review.


Keep a separate master resume with ALL previous work experience. When sending out a resume for application, duplicate the file and remove anything that may be irrelevant to the position. You never know when some past experience might become relevant again, and you don’t want to forget about it.

If you have prior work experience of different job categories or industries, you can adjust it accordingly especially if it is not related to the job you are searching for. If you are listing down an older job, try not to place more emphasis on the dates of roles compared to your current work experience. You can simplify it by listing only basic details such as job title, company and location without touching on the role responsibilities.


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Workplace Tips

Instead of using the phrase “I assumed…” use the phrase “My understanding was…”

Utilising the phrase “I assumed…” projects a negative impression as people will see it as you diving straight into a conclusion without proper research or planning. Instead of saying “My understanding was…” projects a positive impression to people that you just made an honest mistake and they will be more understanding of your perspective.


If you receive great service from an organisation, consider sending written appreciation to the representative who assisted you. It can go a long way toward his/her professional development and look better in their portfolio.

Remember to reach out to them first on how to provide a positive feedback. Whether through their LinkedIn profile or an e-mail to their supervisor. Your feedback will not only greatly help your colleague, but also by providing managers with your thoughts and examples to ensure its align with their own annotation.

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