Your Company Culture Will Shape Employee Motivation

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Most business leaders understand that every company has its own culture and it plays a crucial role in the company’s success. Yet, many leaders still find this key aspect hard to control and this results in organisations neglecting the positive advantages that their company culture can offer. 

Maintaining a great company culture should be a number one priority for all business in order to achieve business growth. Jobstore believes that with proper measures, every organisation can build a powerful company culture that escalates their employee motivation. By practising some of these key characteristics, you will soon be able to experience the positive impacts of the productivity and profitability of employees.


1. Engagement 

Although there are “various” tools to help analyse your employee satisfaction, most companies only assess their employee engagement yearly. The crucial step in forming a positive company culture is to spot out “retractors” through the regular measurement of employee happiness. Employees who have a negative perception towards your brand are identified as retractors. This is because the attitude of your employee corresponds with employee engagement. You are able to identify if your employee is more likely to contribute to your business growth by evaluating their involvement and sentiment towards your company. 


2. Leadership

Practising great leadership qualities plays a major role in building a strong company culture. Regular check-ins can help solve or prevent minor employee conflicts or concerns. Give your employees a voice. Managers are encouraged to use messaging-based or other forms of surveys to keep track of their employee satisfaction to gain insights on what needs improvement in order to strengthen employee engagement. Daily huddles can also be held by your team leaders to discuss how employees function in their tasks in order to create a high performing team.


3. Recognition

Being acknowledged and recognised for your hard work is just as essential as being a great leader and maintaining a good company culture. Being recognised is like getting a pat on the back for the effort your employees have put in to contribute to the growth and success of your organisation. Providing positive acknowledgement towards employees can keep them motivated to reach higher goals. Most successful organisations practising an effective recognition program are highly benefited in delivering positive employee engagement and decreasing employee turnover. 


A great company culture is not easy to develop. However, employers are more likely to have a powerful competitive advantage from other businesses through their unique culture. More and more organisations are beginning to understand the power of a company culture and its impact on their company’s success. 

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