Top 15 Secret Santa Gifts Ideas for Your Office Co-workers

Top 15 Secret Santa Gifts Ideas for Your Office Co-workers

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Coming up with ideas for Secret Santa Gifts can be a real mind-boggling task. Unless you know everyone’s work ethic and interest, finding gifts will a breeze for you. Take a look at some of the recommendations and inspirations that might fit each person’s personality in your office.

Top 15 Secret Santa Gifts Ideas for Your Office Co-workers

1.The perfect assignment booklet for photographer enthusiast

A small booklet of photography assignments from professionals which will give your photo-savvy colleague helpful advices and inspiration.

2.For the trigger-happy colleague

Provide your colleague with an alternative source to release their stress. Just don’t get yourself painted as a target.

3.A bookmark for the bookworm

A customisable handmade bookmark for your colleague with a daily reading habit.


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4.For your colleague that needs a quick time-out

Got a workaholic colleague in the office? Present a Rubik’s Cube to take their mind away for a couple of minutes from the busy workload.


5.For the Marvel Superhero Fan

Put a smile on your colleague’s face with the Marvel Encyclopedia detailing all the little-known facts, illustrations, details of every Marvel superheroes and villains.


6.For Movie Buffs

From the most recent major motion pictures to more than a century of moviemaking. Give your movie-goer colleague a run for their time in catching up over thousands of movies.

7.Gift for Coffee Lovers

Got a coffee + travel addict colleague? This might be the perfect book for them to map out their next vacation around the world’s best coffee.


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8.Hardcore-gamers ideal gaming gift

Considered as one the best gaming mouse that every gamer need. Your gaming geek colleague will appreciate it as the coolest gift ever.

9.A Gift for Card Game Enthusiasts

The perfect card game where everyone can engage with each other using words or phrases that are deemed offensive.


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10.For your colleague empty desk space

We all have colleagues whose desk is as barren as the dessert. Adding a plant life to your coworker space will change the surrounding for the better.

11.For the co-worker who is into aromatherapy

A diffuser lets your colleague pick his/her favourite scent and waft it their home. Throw in a set of essential oils will complement your gift even better.

12.Artistic gift for creative colleagues

One of the best gifts for any artists that are passionate about drawing and colouring. It comes with a great range of colours to complement the designer’s art tool.


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