Christmas Office Party Do’s and Don’ts

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Are you planning to attend your company office Christmas party this year? What matters most is that you need to treat yourself as if you are attending a social event. Besides having fun with your office mates, it’s also your opportunity to network with other departments. Here are some simple rules and guidelines that you should keep in mind at a work function.


The Dos:


1. This is still a Business Event

Even if your office culture is pretty relaxed, you need to understand that a Christmas office party is still a work event. Behave with some sense of formality because your superiors are observing. Check with the company policy if your significant other can go with you to the party. Speak pleasantly and avoid discussing the difficulties you face at your work.

2. Check the Dress Code

The way you dress is important and you don’t’ want to over- or under-dressed. Be trendy and dress with a personality like you are attending a social event.

3. Mix around with new people

Instead of hanging around with your own department, mingle with other teams as well. The whole purpose of the Christmas party is to get every department together to celebrate. This is your chance to get along with colleagues from various departments.

4. Enjoy and have fun!

In the end, this is still a Christmas party. Do show up on time as this is still a company event. Take note that, your company is throwing one out is to celebrate and thank you for your hard work. 


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Christmas Office Party Do's and Don'ts

The Don’ts:

1.Getting intoxicated

You don’t have to drink excessively like you are in an open bar. Even if you are free to enjoy yourself, understand that moderation is key. Limit yourself to one or two drinks at most. Drink more water and eat some food so you don’t get intoxicated.

2. Talk about work throughout the party

Small talk about work is okay, but you don’t have to stick with the same topic throughout the conversation. Talk about their travel plans, holiday activities or any relatable topics. Branching out towards casual conversation can help you get along with your colleagues and make a positive impression.


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3. Don’t decline or skip the party

Never pass up the invitation to an office Christmas party without a legitimate reason. Not being present during the event could affect your reputation and worse your career. Do make an appearance even if you don’t plan to overstay until the party is over. Spend at least an hour or two and remember to thank the person for planning the party. Consider sending a thank-you note to the management for hosting the Christmas celebration.


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