Reasons You Are Not Getting A Raise

Reasons You Are Not Getting A Raise

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You may be wondering why you did not receive a raise after all your contribution and time spent working with the company. There are various reasons that your employer took any action to give you an increment in your salary. With the tough economy ahead, companies and managers are facing difficulty in providing raises and promotions. Hence, only a select few employees are chosen due to their outstanding achievements and contributions to the company.

Your salary has reached its market standard

If you have not conducted extensive salary research ahead for your position before asking for a raise, your employer may decline your request due to that you have earned the amount you deserve. Look into insights for hiring and salary trends in Malaysia.

You did not ask for it

It is possible that you will receive a salary increment before you request for it. Chances are things would not happen the way you hope it would be. If you felt that your contribution to the company deserves for a raise, ask for it. That said, you shouldn’t be pushing your manager about it. It does make your request acknowledged about your financial goals.

Unreasonable request

Requesting a pay raise that is way out of your worth and position in the company will not work. Do some research on how employees will be typically paid in your position. You will be able to see a clearer estimation of your salary based on your worth to the company. Once you got the data, only reach to your manager with a request with valid statistics to back up your request.

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You are a complicated employee

If you are not a team player or a problem to the management, you won’t find yourself any increment or better career prospects in the company. You will need to start evaluating your attitude and performance. Come up with a gameplan and change your mindset on how to work with everyone. Make the necessary change and your contributions to the company will not be overshadowed.

Lack of development value

Your position is crucial in the company but if there is barely any improvement throughout your time. There is no point to make a strong case for a raise or promotion. Enrol in online courses or seminar to learn new skills and knowledge. Expand your role and responsibilities so you can display your efforts for the company.

Lack of career opportunities

Perhaps in the company that you are working with does not prioritise your role and the team. You may need to start thinking about your future in this company. Sit down and discuss with your manager. If you are not going to voice out about the current state, maybe you should start looking for better opportunities elsewhere where your role is appreciated.

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