Top Travel Destinations in Malaysia Over the Long-Weekend

Top Travel Destinations in Malaysia Over the Long-Weekend in 2019

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This year we have compiled a list of the top travel destinations in Malaysia from the untouched jungles of Borneo to the wonderful island of Pulau Rawa and of course, there are destinations that are not widely popularised yet such as the Kenaboi Forest Reserve. Do check out our Malaysia’s Long Weekend Holiday 2019 cheatsheet and start planning your holidays for this year.


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North Borneo Railway, Sabah

Discover the lush landscape of the coastal and rural regions of Sabah by taking a trip into the past with a ride on a 1900s steam train. Stretching for about 83 miles from Tanjung Aru to Papar, where travellers will have the chance to explore historical and local landmarks. Traditional local breakfast and lunch are served while enjoying the scenery throughout the route. A once-in-a-lifetime experience for any locomotive enthusiast and travellers who wish to travel back in time on a vintage steam train.


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Mulu National Park, Sarawak

Listed as a world heritage area in 2000, the park encompasses incredible caves and karst formations in a mountainous tropical rainforest environment. They are various attractions in the park, the main highlight would be the cave exploration. The main caves are Deer Cave, Lang Cave, Clearwater Cave and Cave of the Winds suitable for adventurous people. The Pinnacles trek is a three-day journey through the jungle where you will get to climb the famous limestone formation if you are avid jungle trekker.


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Telaga Tujuh Waterfalls, Langkawi

Regarded as one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Langkawi with a scenic view of the ocean. Despite the steep climb to the top of the waterfalls, you will be able to enjoy the mesmerising natural infinity pools formed by the streams. For avid backpackers, the Seven Falls Langkawi is a must-see destination at the island, especially during the hot weather season.


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ESCAPE theme park, Penang

Looking for an adventure-play theme park to spend time over the long weekend? ESCAPE re-introduces outdoor play in the lush forest to give every visitors an appreciation of the flora while experiencing exciting rides and attractions. From the challenging ‘Go Bananas’ zip lines and ‘Monkey Business’ challenging rope course to ‘Tubby Racer’ ride, you can even experience the thrill of ‘Flying Lemur’ while enjoying the bird’s eye view of the park. Take on one of the longest water slides in Malaysia where you slide down a near-vertical 11-metre slide, sending you airborne into a pool. Family-friendly attractions such as the Family Twister, Tubby Rapids and Tubby Tunnel are suitable for younger kids to enjoy various exciting activities.


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Danum Valley, Borneo

One of Borneo’s greatest treasures, Danum Valley offers the best authentic wildlife encounters where you get to observe wild orangutans and the rare Bornean pygmy elephants. There are a number of guided jungle treks for you to pick your visits to the Danum Valley. From getting a magnificent 360 view from the top of the observation deck for the sunrise to taking a swim at the waterfalls and natural jacuzzi pools. To top it all, Danum Valley’s famous 300-meter long canopy walkway provides you with the perfect vantage point of the last untouched rainforest in Sabah.


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Pulau Rawa, Johor

Off the coast of Johor is a little-known island in Malaysia that still preserves its coral reefs, creamy white beach and unpolluted sea water. One of the main attractions is the famous Rawa Slide which is a MUST DO activity in Pulau Rawa. Take a stroll to the Island Walk Trail and catch the sunset and the Hilltop Walk for a marvellous view of the triplet islands of Pulau Besar, Tengah and Hujung.


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Kenaboi Forest Reserve, Negeri Sembilan

Previously known as Taman Alam Liar Negeri, this forest park is popular with bird watchers catching the sightings of hornbills. Various activities are offered from climbing up Gunung Besar Hantu the highest peak in Negeri Sembilan, visiting the Lata Kijang which is the tallest waterfalls in Peninsular Malaysia, jungle trekking and caving activities to top it all off. For more layback activities, float on a large tube as you manoeuvre through the crystal clear water of the Kenaboi river that stretches for 1.2 kilometres.


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Labuan Island

Despite being an island known for its oil and gas. Labuan is a town rich in historical moments and delightful seafood. Snorkel at Pulau Rusukan Besar known for its clear waters, colourful fishes and untouched coral reefs. Visit historical sites such as the Surrender Point Memorial of World War 2, The Peace Park, Chimney Museum and cultural landmarks. For diving enthusiast, dive deep into the ocean and explore shipwrecks that dated all the way back to the World War 2 era.


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Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan

Besides being famous for the Teluk Kemang beach. There is plenty of attractions that most local tourist may have overlooked. Take a stroll to the Cape Rachado Lighthouse, the oldest lighthouse in Malaysia built by Portuguese, explore the jungle trails at Tanjung Tuan Forest Reserve and climb up to the peak of Bukit Batu Putih. The Army Museum Port Dickson regarded as one of Malaysia’s best museums with displays of military aircraft, armoured vehicles and helicopters. Enjoy the scenic and elegant views from the beaches of Pantai Cahaya Negeri, Tanjung Tuan Beach, Saujana Beach, Bagan Pinang Beach and more across the stretches of Port Dickson.


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Kampar, Perak

If you are looking forward to spending your holidays with exhilarating outdoor activities, Kampar will be the perfect destination for you. To kick things off, the most adrenaline pumping activity in the small town would be the white rafting in the Kampar River. The great waterway is merged by 3 rivers that offer a great range of water flows from challenging to technical navigation throughout the entire experience.

Explore the largest natural limestone cave in Peninsular Malaysia. Perfect for beginners, Gua Tempurung is formed up of 5 domes that resemble the coconut shells hence the name it has gotten. Comprise of 4 different tours with the hardest challenge that requires you to complete the 3.8 kilometres journey. You will be traversing through water that reaches chest level, crawling through a tunnel, climb up and sliding down slippery stones. Complete your trip by visiting the Tama Eko-Rimba Lata Kinjang an eco-park famous for its cascading waterfall, a perfect place to spend your remaining trip relaxing and enjoying the unspoilt greenery.


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