7 Ways to Value Vacation Time

A lot of people at work are bad at taking vacation. The Pew Research Centre recently found that 46% of U.S. workers who get paid time off from their company don’t take as much time as they are given. The reasons for this may vary. A Pew Research Centre study found that one


People go on holiday for many reasons and some people go on holiday with family, friends, partners or even alone. There are a variety of reasons that motivate people to work hard for a few months until they can save up enough money to comfortably travel to their dream destination.

How To Spend Your Paycheck

Everyone’s favourite time of the month is always the last few days because that’s when everyone gets paid. It feels rewarding to receive a salary for all the hard work you’ve put into throughout the whole month. Some people use their paycheck to pamper themselves whereas some may use it