Work Values Employers Look For in 2019

Work Values Employers Look For in 2019

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Good work values are what makes the foundation for a good employee. Your efforts in striving to be better can make you indispensable, regardless of what industry you work. We have listed down some of the top work values that employers are looking so that you can be at your best at work in 2019.

1.Enhancing your soft skills

Perhaps it is your hard skills that get you a job, but improving your soft skills is essential to achieve more success in your career. Soft skills are comprised of personal capabilities that define your work values such leadership traits, communication, teamwork and analytical thinking that makes you stand out in your field. It’s obvious why employers seek candidates with soft skills as they are the key to establishing relationships, expand visibility and developing new opportunities for advancement.


2. Get better at career goal setting

Goal setting does help to improve your career by getting you out of your comfort zone and expose yourself to broader corporate goals. Being proactive in getting constructive feedback from your manager and peers will help you develop a clearer view of your goal. Entice yourself to reach your goal and reward yourself for every accomplishment that you achieve. Rewarding yourself develops a real sense of craving, wanting or desire for the item that is presented in front of us. These rewards need to be engraved into your goal setting routine if possible. For example, you listen to music while at work because it makes you feel more productive.


3.Speaking up to your employer with any concerns

Reaching out to your boss may be challenging if you are dealing with your job benefits or your job. Not all bosses are inconsiderate and they need to know if you have any difficulties or concerns that they should be aware. Clearly, state what you need to convey to the management. Communication style does play a role too, some favour to keep their doors open anytime and there are those who prefer proper scheduling for a meet-up. Show value by speaking with facts, confidence and reasonable points that can produce positive results. It helps to make conversation and decision-making process more seamless and you may even earn some praise for being the one who solves the concern.


4.Being proactive at work

Most employees usually wait for directions at work and there are those who are proactive in gettings things plan ahead. Employers seek employees who are proactive in acting as opposed to reacting. Basically, proactive employees make something happen instead of seating down and wait for something to happen. The simplest way to illustrate this quality is to ask questions at work. There has to be a balance in being a proactive person, you don’t want to look overeager at work the whole time, focus on getting your job done and look for angles of improvement.


5.Expanding your technical skills

Having the right set of technical skills means any employee can get the job done swiftly. When managers acquire or adopt new systems, employees will need to master them as well. Expanding your technical skills that are a necessity in the workplace can help you improve and advance your career. Look around your social circles and LinkedIn profiles of individuals that helm the position as you. Chances are you may find certain skillsets that you deem necessary for you to pick up.


6. Get better at managing your time

Time is gold especially at work and you need to make sure you are engaged in activities that support your career goals. Look at your work routine and determine which activities you should prioritise from urgent ones to the least important. Spend more time in planning ahead so that you don’t start at work with zero ideas. You can either choose to plan the night before or the first thing in the morning depending on your preference. Most importantly, learn to eliminate distractions and plan a break-time so you still can catch up on your emails, calls, message, etc.


7.Being the brand

As an employee, you represent the company’s brand in the public view. Every event you attend be it a conference, seminar, social events or meetings, it’s essential to maintain your professional status. To define yourself as a personal brand, LinkedIn is the best social platform to share your company’s product and services with your peers.


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