5 New Year Resolutions To Boost Your Well-being in 2019

5 New Year Resolutions To Boost Your Well-being in 2019

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With the year-end festivities and holiday period are over, the New Year is the best time to get into a fresh start and a chance to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Perhaps you have New Year resolutions in mind such as cutting down on junk, morning exercise or spending more time with your loved ones. We provide five tips on how to boost your well-being to create long-lasting benefits throughout the year 2019.


1. Set daily intentions to improve your life

Intentions help to present you with reminders of how you want to live your daily life. They could be in the form of motivation or inspiration. You can consider setting intentions through meditation as it allows you to focus on your breathing and allowing the thoughts to pass through your mind. If you think that it is too overwhelming to come up with an intention, you can ask yourself some open-ended questions for the long-term. For example, ask yourself how your work habits help or affects your productivity and make intentions based on your solutions. The choice of words does impact the way you set your intentions as well. Use positive language actively to relate to your ideas or aims. Alternatively, you can think of a positive trait that you want to embody and base your intention on it.


2. Consciously pursue healthy habits

We strive to become an efficient thinker by having a healthy habit to improve mental efficiency. For example, we consciously think about brushing our teeth and make coffee before heading to work. With a habitual behaviour, you won’t be overwhelmed by multiple activities throughout the day. You can take this opportunity to form and adopt new habits to your advantage.

Habits appear in response to a cue in your environment. Once you receive a cue, you will automatically engage in the behaviour because of the positive outcome at the end. For instance, when you start working(the cue) you check your phone(the behaviour) because it stops you from feeling bored or helps you to take a break(the reward). Through the repeated process, this behaviour can become automatic.


3. Skip the elevator and take the stairs

Climbing a flight of stairs is a great way to boost your cardiovascular health. While it improves the heart rate, it ensures a good blood flow across all your body system. Your muscles will get toned, strong and less fatigued as well. Your mental wellbeing will be improved as physical exercise causes chemical endorphins to be released which makes you feel happy and calm. Most of all, you can regulate your cholesterol levels while making your mental concentration better and focused.


4.Cultivate a lifetime reading habit

Adopting a reading habit can be satisfying and enjoyable. Set a time period for reading at least 5 to 10 minutes daily. You can choose to read during meals, break time or before heading to sleep. You can always carry a book wherever you attend appointments or anywhere to pass the time. To set a long-term reading habit, make a list of all the good books that you want to pick up. It does not have to be a book about literary, instead look for books with great stories written by popular authors instead.


5. Be a part of something bigger

We all have a purpose in lives as we strive to live happier, feeling more in control and fulfilling. Individuals that adopt this lifestyle tend to feel less stress, anxiety and depression. If you want to find meaning and purpose by making a difference, you will need to be part of a bigger picture in life. You can start by being more charitable by spending time with others, helping neighbours or friends. Blood donation, volunteering and community services are some of the initiatives that you should consider being a part of the contributor and support.


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