3 Ways To Restart Your Career in the New Year

3 Ways To Restart Your Career in the New Year

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Contemplating about renewing your career in hopes of making advancement or explore different path? It is never too late to start thinking about a career change in the new year. Anyone who has taken the chance to reboot their career will most likely tell you how hard it is to make a change. With a solid plan with support from your peers and family will lead you to a more purposeful new year. Check out these 3 tips to successfully restart your career in 2019.


1. Setting up your career action plan

Before coming up with the roadmap, choose a profession. Assess yourself about the values, interests, aptitudes and personality type. The purpose is to determine a list of suitable jobs that match these characteristics. You should be able to narrow down to ten to fifteen jobs on your list.

Once you have identified what jobs are suited based on your self-assessment, start exploring the jobs that you are interested. There is a possibility that there are jobs you may have gain new interest after you learn more about it. The job list should narrow down to at least three to five professions.a

Think about the pros and cons of each job that you have narrowed down. Consider the job responsibilities, education, job benefits and salary range. Determine if the job will be able to support your lifestyle financially and promising career advancements.


2. Perform an audit for your own self-assessment

Take some personal time and review your current position and daily task. Write down your observations and come up with a plan on how to grow your career further. List down your achievements by reviewing documents and previous works. Write your personal review in a conversational style so that it is easier to convey any context to your audience.

Talk to your peers for feedback about your performance. Initiate with specific questions such as “What are the things I could improve” to identify which areas you need to work. You can suggest questions like “What do you think I should have done differently?” Press on to garner more examples and specificity if the response turns up to be vague. The discussion should be done in a brief or informal way such as catching up with your colleagues during a coffee break or lunch time.

3. Reconnecting with your professional network

Take the time to get back in touch with your former employer, colleagues or your mentor to open up new opportunities. Start up your conversation around the recent updates or contents that you shared in your professional feed such as LinkedIn. Your feed may be the only spot to share a similar interest for you to engage and reconnect. Establishing your connection with people is all about nurturing your relationships so that they are more willing to help you when you need it. Learn to keep in touch on a frequent basis even if you are not looking for new opportunities.

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