How To Declutter Your Mind and Improve Your Focus

How To Declutter Your Mind and Improve Your Focus

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When you are struggling with an endless list of things to do, it would certainly make you feel counterproductive and demotivating. Clutter is a part of everyone’s life hence it’s necessary to practice decluttering. These piles of clutter do not only weight on you mentally but physically as well. They represent chores that you need to sort out, goals to accomplish and decisions to make. So if you are feeling all muddled with things to do, you will need to learn how to declutter to help you refocus, refresh and get yourself back on track.


Making decisions immediately

Instead of holding back on making up a decision, made up your mind then and there about it. For example, you are tasked with an assignment that is due tomorrow, Instead of putting it aside to sort it out tomorrow, get it done immediately. Same applies if your desk is messy, tidy up first before getting to work.


Be proactive

Clutter will not occur if you don’t let it pass. Think twice with things that cross your path into your work, home or personal life. If you can ask yourself these three simple questions. Where can I keep this? How long will I hold on to it and how will I dispose of it? It would make your decision-making better if you can determine what things matter to your life and what doesn’t.


Managing your inbox

If you felt that your inbox is overflowing with emails that you are not keeping up to date with, it is better to unsubscribe. Having your inbox not fully stacked with unread emails can save you from unwanted stress. Take the time to do some spring cleaning on your inbox. Unsubscribe from promotional emails and turn off your social media notifications as well. Next, filter and funnel various types of unnecessary emails into specific folders so that you can keep them for future references such as e-receipts or invoices.


Taking notes down

As what the name stands for, this method allows you to free up your mind by taking out your thoughts or ideas and putting it on a list. You can even utilise tools such as Evernote if you need a digital space to store information instead of using papers or notebooks.


Decluttering your calendar

Is your calendar packed with tasks, events and appointments? Learn to set restrictions on activities that barely add any value to your life. Trying to make your life as busy as possible won’t help if it drains you physically and mentally. Learn to say no instead of being a yes man for every invitation that you receive. Overcommitting yourself won’t lead to a fulfilling enjoyment even if it’s your favourite activities or hobbies. Give yourself some breathing space to slow down your career and personal life so that you can keep up with your personal goals.


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