Why You Should Not Buy Fake Degrees

Why You Should Not Buy Fake Degrees

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While presenting a fake degree certificate as a genuine document is uncommon. There are still individuals that desire to fake their degrees in hopes of gaining credibility and trust. Any employee that is found guilty of faking a degree is consideredĀ serious misconduct. It goes to show that with all certainty that the efforts of such conduct are a waste of money and time while tarnishing their own credibility.

A real certificate can be purchased from a fake university or purchasing a fake certificate that claims to be from the real university. They are available for purchase on the web and includes a disclaimer stating they are ‘novelty’ items and not intended to buy you a way towards getting a job. Claiming a fake academic qualification is equivalent to holding on to a ticking timebomb where it could blow off at any given time. It could happen the moment a person claims the qualification or it could take years before it explodes taking away your career and reputation away.

From an experienced recruiter point of view coupled with technological advancement to trace certificates. The likelihood of getting caught red-handed with a fake certificate is high. In most cases, a simple phone call to the university or college would suffice to determine the legitimacy of your credentials. Plus, there are organisations and administration from universities that keep track of illegal diploma operations while updating their databases from time to time. While a fake degree is still technically legal to a certain extent, but mostly they are put to fraudulent use. As an employee or a job seeker, instead of burning a hole in your pocket, it is better to invest in yourself by attending legitimate courses to pull your own worth instead.

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