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8 Web Browser Extensions to Improve Your Work Productivity

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Web browser extensions can be a great helping hand in improving productivity especially if you are spending long work hours on the computer. If you are having a challenging time staying productive at work, we have rounded up eight of the top web browser extension tools that you can use to improve your work-life.



With ClickUp extension, you can compile tasks, save websites, track your time, take screenshots, edit images and marking them up as well. You can complement the extension by getting the Notepad by ClickUp which allows you to take notes by just simply connecting it to your ClickUp account. Now you got yourself the jack-of-all-trades Chrome add-on to manage your task and projects with ease.


2. Momentum

This extension will constantly remind you of the daily goals and the works that you need to accomplish. For each new tab that you open on your browser, a personal dashboard with an inspirational quote, your to-do list, and weather data will pop out. Any distractions will be quickly pushed aside as the app will constantly remind you of your main focus on every new tab.


3. Google Keep

Fast and easy to use, Google Keep is a great extension for Google Chrome user if you wish to keep all your data organised. You can create to-do lists, save images and pages as well. You can even opt to take notes through the use of voice memos for you to transcribe later. If you have plenty of notes to organise, you can arrange them by utilising the colour coding feature. Your notes and lists can be set as a location-based reminder so Google Keep can bring up the list once you reach your desired location.


4. StayFocused

It is easy to get carried away from work as time passes. If you lack the sheer will to stay away from non-related work stuff, StayFocused is here to assist your problem. This web extension will guide you away from online distraction by restricting your time for you to surf irrelevant sites. You can set the time allowed to spend on distracting sites, once the time is up the extension will effective immediately block you from it.


5. Toby

Found yourself stacking up a lot of tabs? With Toby, you can compress all your open tabs down into a single page for an easy organisation by arranging them in a card-based format. Each card can be drag and drop links with multiple boards similar to project management apps such as Trello or Asana. There is even an option for you to edit notes alongside with links. You can even sync the data by setting up an account with the service, allowing you to access it wherever you sign in.


6. Linkclump

If you stumbled upon a site where you wish to explore each and every link in the page. With Linkclump enabled, you can click and drag to create a box around any sections of a web page. It will automatically open up every available link in the box as a new tab within your current window’s page. Alternatively, you can configure the extension to copy all the URLs links to save them as a bookmark if you choose not to open them now. If you want to avoid accessing certain links, you can create custom filters by adding specific keywords to filter out.


7. Checker Plus for Google Calendar

A handy tool that allows you to add a calendar button on your web toolbar. With this button, you can view or edit your calendar from any tab. The most prominent feature is the built-in flexibility it offers for organising events. You can highlight text from any web page with key event information and add it automatically to your calendar. It is also possible to view and scroll through a list of upcoming events in different formats by week, months and so on.


8. Boomerang for Gmail

This extension helps you with tracking messages, pause inbox, schedule and manage responses as per their requirements. You can choose to write, schedule and send emails at any specific time in the future. Boomerang for Gmail also alerts you if the recipient does not reply, allowing you to plan your follow-up email.


9.Right Inbox

This chrome extension is similar to Boomerang but with more capabilities. Right Inbox most popular feature is the email tracking tool. Other useful features include sending emails later, recurring emails, notes, follow up emails, templates, CRM & more. Join more than 250,000+ professionals have added added Right Inbox to Gmail for next-level email productivity.


Looking for more web browser extensions to enhance your productivity further? Check out this 26 amazing free browser extensions that every marketer needs. Follow us for more daily career insights and new hirings to land your dream job. Head over to Jobstore.com and unveil your next job opportunity.

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