How to Get Into Remote Working

How to Get Into Remote Working

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Getting a job that allows you to work at your own space of comfort is possible if you can handle the daily routines and establishing positive remote habits. Imagine all the flexibility with your own schedule and you don’t have to break a sweat keeping up with the traffic anymore. Working remotely can be a great way to get into self-employment as you will challenge yourself in time management, stay motivated and productive at work.


Pros and Cons of Working Remotely

If you wish to get into remote working, ask yourself if the benefits outweigh the setbacks. Some of the best advantages that you can get from a remote job are that you don’t have to bother with commuting, you plan your own schedule, you can choose to work anywhere, zero transportation cost, no office distractions and most importantly family time. The downsides of having a remote job that it can be lonely working alone on a daily basis, overworking can happen with poor work habits at home, zero team social activities, drop in productivity and creativity if you are not able to adapt into a different work style. Remote working is definitely not everyone’s cup of tea, some people will excel in an office environment and there are those who can work better remotely.


Popular tools that help you to work remotely

Working remotely is similar to being an entrepreneur as you are the only person that you can push yourself to work harder. Adapting to remote working will require proper motivation to keep you afloat. One of the key success is to know when to take a break if you are getting low on focus. A short 10 or 15 minutes to do some light stretches can revitalise and get you back on track. Here are some of the most utilised tools that people working remotely utilised every day.

Productivity:Ā Tools to help you stay productive, include to-do lists, distraction blockers and time managers.

1.Todoist – todo list
2. RescueTime – time management
3. Y-Productive – personal productivity tracker
4. Alfred – productivity app for macOS
5. GTD – a popular productivity system

Time Tracking:Ā Tools for tracking time
1. On The Job – time tracking and invoicing
2. Harvest – simple online time tracking
3. Timing – automatic time tracking for Mac

Team Communication:Ā Keep in touch with teams through text
1. Slack – chat rooms for teams
2. I Done This – daily team check-ins via email
3. Stride – team chat
4. Flock – team chat

Video Conferencing:Ā Stay in touch with teams through video
1. Google Hangouts – team chat and messaging
2. – easy conferences and screen share
3. – effortless video collaboration

Project Management: Best tools to organise and manage projects
1. Trello – collaboratively organise projects with lists
2. ZenkitĀ – to-dos, reminders and smartlistsĀ 
3. Quip – team collaboration and project management
4. Asana – track team progress
5. Air table – spreadsheet/database for organising

Design:Ā Tools for designers
1. Canva – collaborative online graphics editor
2. InVision – interactive mockups
3. Dribbble – a social network for designers

Writing:Ā Tools for writers
1. Grammarly – writing assistant
2. Hemingway Editor – editor for better writing
3. Copyscape – plagiarism checker

Scheduling:Ā Schedule events and organise your time
1. EveryTime Zone – easy time zones
2. Buffer – schedule social media posts
3. Spacetime – work hour and time zone management for distributed teams
4. Fantastical – super fast scheduling and calendar on Mac

Music:Ā Services that offer music for being productive
1. – music for brain
2. Music for programming – music for programmers

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