6 Tips To Make Your Resume Stand Out In 2019

6 Tips To Make Your Resume Stand Out In 2019

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Looking to get hired this year? Perhaps now is the best time to dust off your last resume and craft an eye-catching resume. If you want to be the centre of attention among employers, you need to make sure your resume is up-to-date with the key requirements. Without further ado, here are 6 resume tips to make your resume stand out in 2019.


1.The best resume format

The purpose of your resume is to tell a brief life story about who you are, what you have achieved and what you are capable of. Instead of making a comprehensive resume, opt for a clean and simple layout. Having a clearly marked section and title headers is the key traits in a compelling resume. Only utilise a single font style throughout your resume, any Sans serif font would work best which includes News Gothic, Franklin Gothic, Helvetica and more.


2.Using subtle pops of colour

When it comes to utilising colours on your resume, apply it to highlight specific areas of information or to segregate sections of the resume. Light colours such as light blue, grey and pale beige are best suited to apply on resumes. Whereas bright colours may not be suited as it could distract the readers view from the content itself. While most resumes only use black and white. It is best to use colours on your resume if you are working in a creative field or industry.


3. Only include relevant work experience and skills

It could be tempting to include every skill that you are good it wouldn’t be significant if it does not relate back to the job you want to apply. Only include critical keywords and a short statement of your core skills. Emphasise hard and tangible skills that can be measured. If you are working in the tech profession, soft and programming skills are what employers should be seeing on your resume.


4. Quantify and qualify accomplishments

What you have achieved throughout your career will distinguish you from the other candidates. Emphasise on recent works of what you have contributed. Anything that shows a track record of growth, revenue and profitability that build up your skills is worth mentioning. If you are in a field that does not quantify accomplishments, focus on other factors such as:

  • Are you the key person for the job?
  • How does your performance compare to your peers?
  • What is your performance value based on your manager’s assessment?


5. Information that you can leave off your resume

Cluttering your resume with unnecessary information will make it harder for employers to review your background. Your resume should immediately highlight the skills and key relevant information to the job that you would like to fill. Consider putting up a separate list if you wish to include names and contact information of your former supervisors.


6.Using relevant keywords to optimise your resume for each job

Resume keywords are essential to help get your resume recognised. Skills, abilities, credentials and qualities are some of the components that you can explore to include words in your resume. Look upon the job postings with similar positions to match the skills and interest with your resume. The company’s website or LinkedIn page can be your alternative source to search for potential keywords as well.


Unless you have exceptional design skills it is not easy to create a resume, and it can be time consuming. With a resume maker, all you have to do is pick a resume template and utilise the easy-to-use tools to customise the layout that fits the job. Follow us for more daily career insights and new hirings to land your dream job. Head over to Jobstore.com and unveil your next job opportunity.

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