No Pay Raise? Here Are 5 Things To Ask for Instead

No Pay Raise? Here Are 5 Things To Ask for Instead

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Getting disappointed and frustrated that you won’t be getting any increase in your salary, don’t be discouraged. The lack of annual salary increment can be largely caused by employer reluctance or the new bumps in perks and benefits. That said this is not the end of the line when it comes to your annual assessment of your worth, there are other non-financial ways that your employer can reward you when a salary raise is minimal or non-existent.


Request for progression and development to support your career goals

For modern jobseekers, career development is highly important. So, why not consider asking your boss to support you in achieving your career goals by planning a career progression pathway. When it comes to thinking about your career in the long term, what are the challenges or interesting new work you can partake in improving your skills? Is there an opportunity to pick up new skills for instance? What skills are essential for you and the team that is currently lacking? These are the type of request you can ask in a career review.

Training and mentorships can provide you with the platform to develop these skills while expanding the organisation with covering skills gaps in order to meet its goals for the years ahead. That being said, you should not simply upskill yourself whichever area your employers determine without considering your personal career goals. Instead, ask yourself what you want before getting into the discussion and find an equal ground so both sides can benefit from it and develop your desired career path.


Request for flexible working

Flexible work can be in the form of working hours, working from home or even job sharing. Having a balanced work life is important for employees and not all workplaces could afford such flexibility. But if you can propose this to your employer, you can gain a valuable work benefit instead of a salary increase.


Request for additional days off

Having an extra couple of days off annually can be a great reward for you. Not all employers would agree to it as some companies have strict rules in regards to how much annual leave they will offer and they won’t change it. Consider conducting your own research on how much annual leave are offered in other companies. Your employer may even grant you additional days off if they are aware that their competitors are offering more paid vacation compared to them.


Manage more responsibilities to raise your salary

Most employers are more inclined to reward employees based on performance and that includes promotions. If your employers reward employees based on performance, you will need to ensure that you highlight how your work performance has grown so far. Never assume your employers are aware of everything that you were doing. Start by listing down your responsibilities and emphasise on how your contribution has led to producing positive results.


Ask off-cycle

If you are not getting any salary raise or new perks and benefits, put a reminder on your calendar and check back again at the next quarter. Business conditions, budget and even the perception of your performance may change in time. Compensation can still be adjusted off-cycle even if salary raise is doled out on an annual basis.


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