20 Unwritten Office Rules In Malaysia That You Should Be Aware

20 Unwritten Office Rules In Malaysia That You Should Be Aware

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Have you ever realised something at work that you wish you’d known about? Once you found out about it, you realised it could have been the only challenge standing in the way of your biggest career highlight. Unwritten work rules do exist and some of them are pretty significant. Here are some of the common unwritten office work rules that you may have experienced in your career.

1. Those who got bonuses will have to treat everyone a meal

2. Whoever that is still single will get a free matchmaking service.

3. Coffee mugs are for keeping stationeries.

4. You have to wait for your boss to leave the office before you can, even if you have completed your task.

5. You have to go out and socialise even if you can’t drink. Networking among colleagues is as important as not getting into your boss bad side.

6. At the workplace, you will either join a group or stay solo.

7. There will always be office politics, regardless if you are involved or not.

8. Always own up to your own mistakes and responsibility.

9. Don’t drag other people down with you and give praise where it’s due without being too excessive.

10. Always look for references for future job and don’t overcommit for an organisation especially those that do not value your efforts.

11. The boss is always right.

12. If you are single, you are likely asked to spend more time OT to cover your senior workers back as they may have excuses such as taking care of children or family matters.

13. If you are buying something at the store such as food or drinks, you have to buy for everyone in your department as well.

14. If you volunteer to do a task that is out of your job scope, it’s now part of your job now.

15. If you work fast and completed your work earlier than your peers, you will now have to help out your colleagues with their work.

16. If you are on a holiday trip, you’d best to buy back some souvenirs or snacks for your whole team or the whole office.

17. It is better to be seen as working even if you are not really working compared to sitting down doing nothing because you have completed your work.

18. Arrive early and leaving back a little late is a sign of a “hardworking” employee whereas those who arrive and leave on time is considered an “average” employee.

19. If you are resigning from your current job, do not burn any bridge even if you did not enjoy your time at work. You will never know if you will meet them again.

20. If you have something to complain about, make sure you have a solution as well.


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