5 Challenges of Job Search: Expectations VS Reality

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We all know that a job interview is not a walk in the park. There are plenty of job search challenges that you need to overcome even if you tick them all, chances are things will not always go the way you expect it to be. Here are some challenges of job search expectations versus how it actually is like.


Waiting to hear back from an interview:

You aced your interview and you get a follow-up within the next few days.

Even if the interview process goes right, chances are it would still take days or even weeks to get a follow-up. Chances are you got shortlisted and they don’t have the decency to get back to you.


The interview process:

Dress appropriately and be punctual for the interview. Bring a copy of all relevant documents and be confident by showing enthusiasm about the company as well as the job position.

Dress too casually and arrive late for the interview. Respond with vague answers during the interview and not doing any research about the company beforehand.


Finding the right job:

Expectation: The first job you land is going to be your dream job filled with plenty of opportunities for you to grow your career.

Reality: Your first job is not what you expect as you struggle with work stress, office politics, facing difficult coworker, overworking and this goes on to your next job as well.


Submitting your resumes and cover letters:

Expectation: Personalise your cover letter and resume every time to ensure it’s crafted specifically for the job.

Reality: Misrepresent your education or job experience and include irrelevant details that do not bring any value to your resume and cover letter.


Searching for a job as a fresh graduate:

Expectation: Having a degree will be enough to land you your dream job

Reality: Job requirement at least 2-3 years of work experience. Well, it is certainly not the end of the line, you can request for internship positions to get a chance to show your value.


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