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Harry Potter: Wizards Unite was released in Malaysia last Saturday, 22 June which the gameplay is a mix of Niantic’s two big games Ingress and Pokemon GO. This tips will help you get better in the game for you to become a top wizard among your local community. If you are just getting started, check out this beginners guide to starting your journey into the Wizarding World.


Choosing your profession

1. You can opt to switch out your profession without losing any gameplay progress on your former profession. As you progress further into the game you will find it harder to gather resources to pick up new profession lessons and I do not recommend new players to switch profession more than once.

To develop your profession, you will need these 3 items:

  • Red Spell Books: Can be earned by levelling up your Challenges Registry by attacking Fortresses
  • Scrolls: Can be earned by levelling up your Exploration Registry(Free Foundables from Confoundables)
  • Restricted Spell Books: Can be earned by levelling up your Brilliant Event Registry(They are a valuable resource, think twice before you unlock a skill)



1. Energy is utilised for various things such as:

  • Attacking Confoundables that are holding Foundables hostage
  • Attacking Enemies(both in Fortress and Oddity Foundables)
  • Improving Potion Ingredient Yield in Greenhouses


2. You can collect energy provisions from Inns, Greenhouses and Daily Assignments. Clusters of Inns will each tend to give lower energy, whereas more sparsely placed inns will give higher energy on average. Greenhouses also have a chance to give 2 spell energy.


Capturing Foundables

1. Focus on quest Foundables from the SOS Assignments.

2. Focus on Foundables whose Registry you are almost reaching completion.

3. Focus on rare Foundables that glow in yellow or red

4. When you are casting a spell, it gets more powerful the faster you cast it. Check out this site to practice your speed in spell casting

5. Try to hit the corners as accurate as possible. Don’t get easily frustrated and just keep practising until you get the hang of it.

6. There are more powerful Foundables which requires you to quaff potions such as:

  • Exstimulo Potions enhance the power of your spell
  • Dawdle Draughts prevent the Foundable from fleeing

7. A red glowing text indicates that the Confoundable resists the spell, and green if the Foundable is captured.

8. To skip the scrolling Patronus animation, just tap the screen after a capture.


Vault/Inventory Management

1. At the top left-hand corner, you can view how much energy you have.

2. There is a limit to how many potions, ingredients, seeds/water and energy you have:

  • Potion Vault can be expanded by 10 for 200 coin
  • Ingredient Vault can be expanded by 30 for 150 coins
  • Energy capacity can be increased by 10 for 150 coins
  • The maximum energy capacity is at 99,999
  • The maximum ingredient capacity is 1,000
  • The maximum potion capacity is 10,000
  • To save coins, you can increase potion, ingredient and energy inventory by buying the Vault Extensions pack for 450 coins instead

3. Potion Vault: Try to reserve at least 10 empty spots for Potion Vault so you won’t reach your maximum inventory capacity upon levelling up.

4. Ingredient Vault Management 101:

  • Try to keep your Ingredient Vault at least half-empty
  • The only ingredient that you mostly need to keep is at least 6 Potent Exstimulo Potion; 6 Snowdrop and 4 Bitter Roots for each potion brewing
  • Always queue up at least 3 potions for brewing to minimise your Ingredient Vault
  • Rare ingredients that you should take note of are such as Unicorn Hair, Hermit Crab, Powered Dragon Claws. They are incredibly rare to find, but they can still be obtained from Portkeys.

5.Utility Vault and Runestone Vault:

  • There is no limit to the capacity.

6. Seeds/Water Vault:

  • You require one seed and lots of water to plant one at the Greenhouse
  • You only need to keep some of the seeds that you prioritised and plenty of water to ensure you don’t reach the maximum capacity



1. Always brew at least 3 potions by:

  • doing it before you log out of the game
  • queuing up a potion uses ingredients and it helps with managing your inventory space.

2. Tap the spoon to shorten the brewing time for the current potion



1. Cast spells using focus by dragging a spell icon from below to the ally/enemy icons above. You can increase your focus further by defeating enemies or by quaffing invigoration potions.

2. The Mending Charm costs zero focus and you can cast every 5 seconds, so Professors and Magizoologists can heal multiple times in-between battles if you are patient enough. Always keep an eye on the timer above and try to limit yourself to 90 seconds per battle.

3. Attack an enemy by tapping the screen and dragging the wand circle over the target circle. It’s easier to start dragging from bottom to the middle of the screen instead of from the top to the middle.

4. Wit-gathering potions are not that important until you unlock Elite enemies at Fortress level 10, so you don’t have to bother gathering ingredients and potions until you progress further into the game.


Experience Farming

1. The Brain Elixir only doubles experience earned from Traces, Portkeys and Wizarding Challenges. It does not double experience earned from collecting daily rewards or achievement rewards.

2. Accumulate max Energy before using a Brain Elixir, or you may run out of energy while your brain elixir is active.

3. Save at least twoPortkeys to open right after you quaff the Brain Elixir to double the experience gain.

4. If you are farming Traces, prioritise eating food from an Inn before tapping the Foundable so you can walk to a new Foundable/Inn location while casting your spells.

5. If you are farming Wizarding Challenges, activate runestones on lower levels that you can comfortably battle without quaffing potions. It is useful to find a Fortress next to an Inn so that you can quickly gain back Energy before initiate the next battle. It is also useful to battle Fortresses with your in-game friends to increase the experience gain.

6. Farming Wizarding Challenges with your in-game friends after quaffing a Brain Elixir is one of the fastest ways to farm experience.


For the latest development, here is the official site of the game. Leave us your thoughts on the comment sections below. Head over to and unveil your next job opportunity.

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