5 Glaring Signs Your Colleagues Maybe Sabotaging You at Work

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If you found yourself occasionally dealing with situations where you need to justify every work you do, chances are you are being sabotaged at the workplace. At times you will notice who is the culprit and these 5 signs is a good place to start to determine which person is scheming behind the scenes.


Spreading rumours and gossips

Spreading rumours in the office while not harmless but can potentially lead to severe consequences. People enjoy sharing gossips and discussing taboo subjects that are frowned upon in the workplace. If you separate your personal and work life as minimal as possible, the chances of getting into this kind of issues are unlikely while maintaining a steady relationship with colleagues. But that still left with people trying to discredit you by conjuring rumours. If you trust that your company will deal with this issue professionally, it’s a good idea to start looking for evidence or people to testify for you against this rumours that are affecting your reputation.


Withholding information in the workplace

Engaging with a colleague that does not provide you with work-related information that is essential to your job can lead to severe ramifications. It is in your hands to try and explain why you need to acquire the information from your colleague or resorting to escalating the matter to the upper management to enforce company policy in regards to workplace information sharing. Before you assume anything, you need to determine if the co-worker does have access to the information, especially if it’s job-related. If the information has a significant impact on business ethics and it’s the company’s best interest, you should address this matter to your supervisor.


Receiving backhanded compliments

There are backhanded compliments that deem as mean-spirited while there are those projected as ignorance. While they are mainly expressed to reduce your confidence and make you feel worse at work, it is best to identify the person’s agenda before responding to such compliments. You can choose to ignore it or a simple thank you can be the best way to move forward.

That being said feedback and criticism are lessons that everyone should pick up in hopes of improving ourselves but a compliment disguised as an insult usually is not constructive. Alternatively, you can take the compliment as a simple joke and not take it too seriously while responding back with a light humour without getting devious.


Coworkers downplaying your achievements

Like any hardworking employees, you work hard to improve your skills and career reputation. Unfortunately, your achievements bring along unwanted side effects such as coworkers jealousy towards you. This lead to them trying to downplay your achievements and put themselves up there instead. Simple acts of sharing and teamwork can defuse a coworker’s jealousy and turn them into a dependable ally.

If you are the ranking or senior person in the company, ask them to assist you with important works as a way to show that you recognise their talents and skills. Over time your coworkers would realise that you are not threatening their position and it would be in their best interest to work together with you instead of going up against you.


Coworkers trying to take over your work

You have fought and worked hard enough for your position and managing some critical work. Your coworkers want what you have and trying to jump into your work and one-up you. Start finding out why they are doing it so that you can understand where they are coming from. Address it directly and be clear in your message with a well-composed email will usually do the trick. If the behaviour continues, speak to your supervisor and try to resolve the issue together as fair as possible.


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