12 Reasons Why You May Not End Up Being Successful At Work

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Feeling you are just wasting your time and energy in the office? Thinking you are just moving around in circles but you don’t move forward. Chances are, you may be feeling burned out from your current job but you did not realise it yet. Take a look at this list of reasons why you won’t be achieving anything in your current job unless you make a career change.


1. Work has become your obsession

You take your work back home. You cannot get any more invested outside of work. You barely have any time to take a break and this is the reason for your inability to rest that prevents you from achieving success at work. Spending time with your family, friends, or personal life alone after working hours will help you to mentally rejuvenate and continue with full energy.


2. You are not entirely doing your work at the office

Spending time on social media will reduce your productivity at work. Effort in tasks would only be several hours while the remaining day is spent on checking out your friends’ newsfeed, shopping online or watching videos.


3. You do not accept new development in the company

Your employer adopted a new work policy and modern tools. It effectively improves your effectiveness at work. But you do not accept the changes nor learning to use new tools. Instead of staying in your comfort zone, learn to accept it that you have to keep up with the new technologies. They are introduced to make your work easier, not more difficult. All you have to do is open yourself up to it.


4. You are not the ideal person for the task

You learn and take up training courses, and yet you still do things wrong. No matter how frustrating that is, you have to admit that the task is not for you. It does not suit you and perhaps the best solution is to pass this task to a person that more than capable of getting it right while you focus on what you do best.


5.Letting your colleagues take advantage of you

Everyone uses you for work favours and you allow them willingly. You kept helping everyone and ended you forgot your own work and responsibilities. Due to that, you fall behind at work. Perhaps next time try to prioritise your own work before considering taking work favours from your colleagues.


6. You are afraid to take up work challenges

You work on the sidelines in your own workspace and are afraid to put yourself outside of your comfort zone. Realise that your career won’t go further if you do not take up new challenges in your career.


7. You kept procrastinating

You initiate a project but you don’t meet the dateline and you start working on the next one before completing the first one instead. You started getting everything done at the last minute and do you think you can achieve a lot through this working style? Instead of postponing your work, get the initial tasks completed first and before the dateline.



8. You are bored with your current work

When you reach the point of boredom, everything you do from now is moderate without any outstanding results from it. Instead stranding yourself while disengages from work, perhaps it’s the best time to consider changing your current job or tasks.


9. You kept a low profile

You only focus on your work and minding your own business. You don’t say anything or react to anything else at work. In your career sometimes you need to be recognised or be heard. Start asking questions, reach and respond respectfully about things that do not work for you. Share your concerns and start to improve.


10. You want to be the lone wolf

You avoid working together with your colleagues. Eventhough working independently has its own merit, at times working as a team has its own positive productivity value to it as well. Sometimes it is good to learn to work with others, having a team to help each other to complete the task can be beneficial towards your career besides working as a solo.


11. You are used to multitasking

Multitasking will help you to manage several tasks at once but in truth, you do much less compared to putting all your effort into a single work. Science has shown that focus can strengthen the mental capacity of your brain. In the long-term payoff, it is better to focus your mind and time on a single task is immeasurable compared to multiple tasks.


12. You are bad at managing your time

Time is gold, particularly when it comes to working. If you wish to maintain some semblance of work-life balance, our time management needs to be on point. Learn to set goals and prioritise wisely will come a long way to improve your working life for the better. Most importantly track your time for each task in hand on a daily basis, to ensure you can easily clock in and out of various tasks in the workplace.


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