What You Need to Know About Malaysia’s Current state of Internet Usage

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While the average global internet speed is improving every year. Nothing is more frustrating than a slow or unresponsive connection especially when you are working or streaming your favourite shows online. Here are some facts about the Internet in Malaysia which is worth knowing.


Malaysia Internet Speed Ranking

In the current global ranking, Malaysia seats at the 48th with a speed of 13.30 Mbps. Also, Malaysia is ranked 8th fastest in Asia and the 3rd fastest in South East Asia. In 2012, Malaysia was considered as one of the countries with the slowest Internet speed which ranks around 112 with a speed of 4.56 Mbps.



Online Activities

Based on the Internet users Survey 2018 conducted by MCMC, social engagement continues to be the highest activities amongst Malaysians. Some of the key changes in online activities include:

1. The use of the Internet for communication is on the rise whether by voice/video calls or social networking.

2. Various forms of media presentation have made the Internet an interactive and commonly preferred source of knowledge.

3. The growth of video streaming consumption can be attributed to consumer’s preference to be in control of what they want to watch, anytime and anywhere.

4. The emergence of numerous online banking and online shopping services have contributed to the increase in Malaysia’s digital economy.

5. The adoption of electronic and mobile wallet has also contributed to the increasing number of online shoppers and banking users. This would lead to more development in the digital ecosystem including e-Commerce, Fintech and various digital services.


Social networking and communication applications

Social media has become one of the most important tools for connecting people, building communities, voicing out one’s opinions, business marketing and advertising. The use of Over-the-top(OTT) services for communication was widespread amongst Internet users. The value-added benefits offered such as communication with anyone at any time and customisation of messaging texts as well as the convenience of accessing the service across multiple devices.


Online banking frequency and device

In 2018, over half(54.2) used online banking whereas less than half(45.8%) did not use online banking. Most users are more accustomed to using their smartphone to conduct their e-banking(73.5%) and there are those who used a portable computer(37.2%) instead. The advent of online banking facilities will be the catalyst towards developing a cashless society.


Parting Words

With the constant growing numbers of Internet users was largely contributed by the expansion of mobile broadband infrastructure and intensive market competition. Better coverage and services have significantly improved users ease of access to the Internet. With the faster and better coverage of Internet services offered to consumers lead to significant use of OTT platform for streaming and online banking facilities.


If you would like to learn more about our country’s internet usage, check out the Internet Users Survey 2018 report for further details. Leave us your thoughts on the comment sections below. Head over to Jobstore.com and unveil your next job opportunity.

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