How to Start A New Job as An Introvert

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As an introvert, the first day at the job can be terrifying and intimidating. Most introverts would prefer to lean towards a one-on-one situation instead of being a part in big groups. The sense of anxiousness to get to know co-workers develop faster than getting comfortable in the first place. So what can you do as an introvert to prepare yourself for the first day at work?


Before you get started at work

Check out the company website and blog thoroughly to get a familiarity with the company culture. Next, check out the company’s social media pages. Visit their Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter pages. This will give you a good insight into the company’s internal engagements. Like or follow the company social media page to get the latest updates which you could potentially miss out at work.

On LinkedIn, you get to take a look at your co-worker’s profile to gain insight into their job and their career background. Look for any similar interest between you. Do you have mutual acquaintance? Do you go to the same school or campus? Are you part of the same community groups? These common links can help you find a common ground to build rapport when you are at work. Head over to the nearest eatery, half an hour before you start time. This will ensure you are punctual and have some personal time for yourself before meeting your new co-workers.


Getting started at work

Find out what is expected of you for the first week at work. During the meeting ask about the key outcomes required from your role. Determine how your work results are measured and what does it take to fully fulfil all the task. Working in a group can be energy-draining especially when you are working with new colleagues. Try to get along with your colleagues one at a time during your first week. Come up with topics to discuss such as entertainment, food or hobbies to find a mutual interest. You will need a breather to recuperate at work, so it’s good to find a place for some personal time alone. You can try and ask your colleagues where they usually go to take a quick break, it could even be a great way to expand your relationship with them.


Getting into your first team meeting

Prepare a list to determine what you would like to address before the meeting can keep your mind away from going blank during your turn to present to the team. During your first introduction, you can start by sharing about your previous job experience and what you aim to achieve in your new job. For a light-hearted discussion, you can talk about your hobbies and interests. Consider asking for an agenda to look at beforehand so you can generate all your ideas, thoughts and suggestions to present during the meeting. If you haven’t gotten the chance to introduce everyone yet, having some neutral topics such as current events or local topics to discuss can be great for ice-breaking.


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Getting into your first feedback on your performance

Reach out to your superiors with an email enquiring about the things that he/she like to talk about your performance. This would help you plan your thoughts and the next course of actions. Take your time to digest and evaluate your working experience for the first few days. Determine what works well for you and what can you do to get better at things you excel those you do not. This is the things that you need to express to ensure your superiors listen from your point of view.


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