From Twitter to X: The End of a Legendary Brand

The app that used to be called Twitter changed its name over the weekend. It caused a lot of talk on the internet. Now, replaces, but the social media site still tells people to “tweet.” The rebranding is another step in Twitter’s ongoing transformation from an online hangout

Is Threads Better Than Twitter.

Is Threads Better Than Twitter?

Meta’s new text-based program, Threads, is designed to take on Twitter. The move is a daring attempt to steal users from a failing rival by creating a platform that is nearly identical to the one they’re leaving. On Thursday, we tried out the much-talked-about new social network after its release.

5 Best Twitter Alternatives

5 Best Twitter Alternatives

On Saturday, Elon Musk set up strict limits on how many tweets people can look at in a day on Twitter. Since he took over Twitter, strange things have happened on the social media site, which has made people less likely to trust it. Even though the social website is