The 12 Most Memorable Merdeka Advertisements of 2019

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2019 marks a milestone for Malaysia and this year’s Merdeka advertisements did not fail to disappoint with its heart-warming ads. It’s almost a tradition now-the slew of brilliant ads we get to catch during “Merdeka season,” much like how we do during major festivals like Hari Raya, Chinese New Year and Deepavali. Here is our take on the most memorable Merdeka ads of the year.



Grab Official

Grab Malaysia has launched the #MakanMakanMalaysia campaign ahead of Malaysia Day, showing its patriotic pride by celebrating what it said truly makes the country unique – the colourful and flavourful palate of Malaysians. Starting off the campaign is a video of “Explore the taste of Malaysia” which showcases “landscapes” of Malaysian delicacies and locals bonding at the Mamak stall over a table with a range of signature Malaysian cuisine. 




The five-minute-50 second web film on Petronas YouTube channel (and 60-second TV advertisement) titled “UNI” highlights the diversity and background of different races, languages and values that give Malaysians an abundance of blessings. It centres around two young men, the shy Roger Junior Bujang from Sabah and the more outgoing Ridzwan Salleh from Kedah as they enter university life. The commercial pays homage to the younger generation to bring the organisation and the country to greater heights. It demonstrates how Roger struggled to discover his position (after leaving Sabah) to which all of us could relate, the challenge of adapting to a new environment.


Digi Telecommunications


Just in time for Merdeka, Digi has combined technology and connectivity to bring the experience of enjoying a football match to our visually impaired peers by creating a prototype called Footbraille. In Digi’s National Day documentary video, three players from the National Blind Football Team tested Footbraille by observing Malaysia’s renowned football victory against South Korea to qualify for the 1980 Moscow Olympics as their coach Sunny Shalesh provided live commentaries.


TM Group

“Jalur Lebar, Jalur Gemilang” tells an inspiring story about Nora who is determined to preserve a long-standing family tradition of woodcarving artistry inherited from her father passed down through generations.


RHB Group


Using no dialogues or spoken words, this film explores a contemporary social issue by taking the audience into a colour-coded world where there is a clear divide between social classes. However, given this mirrored look at our everyday lives, the video ends on a joyful note. Everyone, amid the differences that divided them, was able to remain together, as each person now belongs on the same side – the side of advancement.


Celcom Axiata



The short film chronicles the search for the first choir to sing Negaraku, the national anthem of the soon-to-be independent Malaya in 1957. It was intended to instil a feeling of pride in celebrating how our rich diversity and intrinsic capability as Malaysians can be the lever that will enable this young nation to assume its position on the world stage. Based on real-life events in 1957, the film portrays the experiences of Radio Malaya music supervisor Tan Sri Ahmad Merican and music teacher and conductor Tony Fonseka. As they rise to the task of achieving the simple yet historically important wish of our first prime minister, Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra Al-Haj, to see every day Malayan – regardless of race, ethnicity and background – perform in a national choir to show unity to mark the creation of our country.




A short film that centres around Cikgu Kula, in his 38 years of duty, the teacher has nurtured 1500 pupils who are now change-makers, adding to the welfare, stabilization and growth of the nation. Three of his previous pupils–a domestic soccer trainer, a medical professional and a town leader share snippets of their learning journey guided by their former teacher, to set a reminder that some deeds can best be repaid with the act of kindness to inspire future generations to build a better nation.




This Merdeka advertisement is a great example of how CIMB integrates life principles into its commercials. Featuring one of the most successful athletes. Azizulhasni Awang a national cyclist and Olympian to draw inspiration for the Malaysian youth the idea of committing to excellence no matter the odds.




This two-minute video narrated by Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad and national author Datuk A. Samad Said was launched by AirAsia in conjunction with National Day and Malaysia Day. It is part of its 360-degree themed campaign, “Your Journey, Our Passion,” to commemorate Malaysian unity, which portrays the daily lives of Malaysians from all walks of life striving together for a brighter future.


Milo Malaysia


Titled “Seiring Mencipta Kejayaan, Bersama Kita Raikan,’’ the video brings to life the defining moments and highlighting the journey shared with the brand since our country’s independence. The video features defining sporting moments for Malaysia which include the SEA Games, the Malaysia Schools Sports Council and the Thomas Cup. to instill the Malaysian spirit and rally the nation together.




A short film featuring some of Malaysia’s most inspirational figures such as Datuk Santokh Singh, SEA Games gymnastics gold medalist Farah Ann Abdul Hadi, award-winning actress Tiara Jacquelina, author & activist Marina Mahathir, Miss Universe Malaysia 2011 Deborah Priya Henry, award-winning actor Douglas Lim and hospitality icon of Tourism Malaysia Dato ‘ Chef Wan. Each icon expresses its belief that our diversity is what helps us to be stronger, and that our country is what unites us to achieve greater things in life.




Mydin’s official video for Merdeka Day 2019 follows a fellow Malaysian going through reflective moments during the Merdeka eve as he was mainly inclined to be part of the celebration before a surprising twist. 


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