6 Ways To Recharge Your Energy For the Merdeka Holidays

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The month of patriotism has arrived and while it may be called the most eventful time of the year, it can sometimes feel challenging to find time to take a break. With the usual family gatherings, work parties, travel and business matters, many professionals don’t have the luxury to enjoy some personal time.

Regardless of how busy you are, your schedule should never stop you from celebrating the Independence day. Here is what you can do for some rest during the Merdeka holidays.



1. Make your decisions and accept the consequences

No matter how hard you try to balance your time, the truth is there is nothing to choose. If you truly wish to take time off, take it with a full commitment. Don’t let a single work email or a conference call deter your holiday break. If your role is critical at work, try to decide which date or time you will be fully available and accept the outcome.



2.Schedule your tasks according to your most productive work hours

Be disciplined and focused during the times you are fully committed to working. Prioritise your tasks and determine when you have the most energy at work. If you are a morning person, you are most likely able to get things done faster compared to doing it in the afternoon.



3.Have a team discussion about holiday schedules

Discuss with your colleagues about the schedules for the holidays to set a proper team staffing plan. This would promote camaraderie among your colleagues while avoiding scheduling conflicts, reducing the number of last-minute vacation plans while ensuring there are people available to cover the company needs.




4. Set a timer if necessary

If your work can never be separated during your holidays, set a timer for yourself or a short work schedule per day. You can get things done faster if you give yourself a short window of time.



5. Do something entirely out of your normal daily routines

Focusing on your usual work daily habits can sometimes lead to stress. Diverge away from your usual schedule by taking short naps, quick exercises or taking a brunch meal. Doing something completely non-routine will help increase your creative thinking as well.



6. Don’t overboard yourself during holidays

Try not filled your holiday break with various activities and meetups throughout the entire period. This can stop you from getting some well-needed rest at home. Also, avoid overexerting yourself on the last day of the holiday, you might just return to the office feeling even more exhausted.


So what are your key practice to recharge your energy for the Merdeka holidays? Leave us your thoughts on the comment sections below. Head over to Jobstore.com and unveil your next job opportunity.

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