Cheat Sheet for Improving Your Critical Thinking Skills at Work

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We make important decisions daily at work that affect our career to a great extent. Critical thinking helps us to find any flaws if it exists, in our decision-making process and help us to come up with a positive outcome by removing those flaws. Regardless of what career you are in, you need to have that set of decision-making skills if you want to think critically and act swiftly. If you are still hesitant about your critical thinking ability or wondering what you should do in hopes of improving your critical thinking, here is a simple cheatsheet on a list of questions that you should ask.



What do you hope to achieve?

One of the most significant aspects of critical thinking is to decide what you wish to achieve and then come up with a decision based on a range of options. Once you have determined that aim for yourself you should apply it as the starting point in all potential situations requiring good decision making. Always ensure that your workmates are aware of your current intention to pursue this goal. Disciplining yourself is important as well to ensure you are able to keep track of any potential changes that come from your own decision. 

However, in every decision you make there will be obstacles ahead. We all have our preferences, things that we agree and disagree developed throughout our career. Most importantly, you need to ensure that when you think critically is to be aware of these preferences, biases and personal characteristics. This would allow you to decide on your next action plan, whether there are other aspects that you need to consider due to unexpected or unforeseen obstacles before coming into a decision.


If you are still doubting about your critical thinking ability, just know that you are not the only one. Leave us your thoughts on the comment sections below. Head over to and unveil your next job opportunity.

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