Tips to Avoid Over Packing for a Trip

Tips to Avoid Overpacking for a Trip

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You have been anticipating this dreamy vacation of yours for several months now and while you’re listing things to do before your departure, it is time to pack! Packing can be dreading and one can wish to just bring their whole wardrobe instead. Take it easy everyone! Here are some tips to avoid over packing for a trip.

Create a Checklist

Going for an exciting trip this upcoming long weekend? Doesn’t matter with whom you’re going with because the trip will turn out great as long as you’re ready physically and mentally. To prevent stressing out before your departure, it is crucial for you to pack smart, thus a checklist is needed to avoid over packing for a trip. From types of outfits to wear, favourite snacks to buy, to must have techs to bring along. You name it, just list it all down! But remember to only bring the necessities.

The Perfect Luggage Size

Another tips to avoid over packing for a trip will be choosing the right luggage size as it could save you plenty of time during the check-in process at the airport. You wouldn’t want to be held back from your trip to Europe right? Preferably a medium-sized luggage would be the perfect choice once you have sorted out your checklist for the said trip.

Packing Organisers

Next tips to avoid over packing for a trip is by using packing organisers! Yes you heard it right, neat folks. It is time for you to say “I told you so” out loud to your travelling partner. You can fit not just clothes but also your techs, hair styling tools and more. These organisers can be found in a variety of sizes from small, medium, large to extra large and it also come with bulk package which every size can be purchased in one price. You can find these easily via online shopping stores.

The Art of Folding

As Marie Kondo says, “The act of folding is far more than making clothes compact for storage. It is an act of caring, an expression of love and appreciation for the way these clothes support your lifestyle. Therefore, when we fold, we should put our heart into it, thanking our clothes for protecting our bodies.” In our tips to avoid over packing for a trip, instead of folding the clothes, we can switch it up by rolling them as to provide more space in our luggage and making it wrinkle-free thus, spark joy!

Outfit of the Day

This point is dedicated to those instagrammers and fashionistas on how to pack lightly but still slay their OOTD game during vacation. To mix and match outfits can be quite tedious as to what kind of clothes should one bring, the colours, materials and many others. We would suggest to bring along clothes that you can wear in more than one outfit. For example, white button-down shirts with black jeans, yellow blouse with white pants, etc. Get creative ladies and gents!

Shoes to Pack

We would recommend every travel junkie to bring along at least three types of shoes. This includes flip flops or sandals for extra comfort while walking around, a pair of good old sneakers, along with a pair of your favourite heels or Oxfords for the gents if you wish for a nice dinner at a fancy local restaurant.

Mini Products

A little goes a long way don’t you think? You don’t need to invest much for a nice stress-free getaway. Try to find toiletries or self-care products at your local pharmacies that are travel-sized as these items can just fit about anywhere suchlike in your tote bag and definitely in your luggage. These travel-sized products are way cheaper as well!

Weighing Luggage

Another tips to avoid over packing for a trip is to use a luggage scale to weigh your carry-on baggage before your scheduled departure as varied airlines allow different baggage allowances. It is best for you to do some thorough research about it to avoid unnecessary drawbacks at the airport. Luggage scales can be easily purchase through available online shopping stores as well.

What are your tips to avoid over packing? Share with us your thoughts on the comment section below. Head over to to find your next job opportunity, interview tips and many more!

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