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Jobstore’s Tips to Protect Employees Against the Haze

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The smoky haze has descended upon us, and all business owners must place the health and safety of our employees above financial considerations. The latest air pollutant index(API) readings indicated that the current air quality is unhealthy. At Jobstore, we provide and encourage our employees to wear face masks at all times when commuting to work and travelling outside. We also encourage businesses to manage their staff in ways to minimise the health risk and operate closely so that the attendance and productivity can still be maintained.

For a business, it’s always important to have those who work for you to be healthy and happy. Underlining the importance of staying healthy during the haze season will contribute to an employee’s overall engagement within the business.

We implore all businesses and organisations to look after employees’ well being, especially for those involved in outdoor work. For employees that are required to perform outdoor, we recommend employers to rotate jobs and schedule more rest breaks to ensure there is no compromise on their health and safety. Proper medical assistance should be prioritised for employees who suffer from respiratory ailments.

This message is from the Jobstore team; taking care of your employee can only have positive effects on your business, and the success of your business will do even more to improve everyone’s wellbeing. Here are a few preventive measures to ensure that your employees are not severely affected by the haze.


Eat healthy

Now is the best time to build up the body’s immune system by consuming food such as garlic to break down and remove toxins from the body. Increasing the intake of salmon and tuna fish(Omega-3 fatty acids) can help manage inflammation and oxidative stress induced by air pollution. Fruits, nuts and seeds that are rich in vitamin C can help build up levels of a defensive protein that keeps enzymes released during inflammation from damaging the elastic properties of the lungs. Food rich in vitamin A, such as liver, carrots, sweet potatoes, mangoes and spinach, can help increase the body’s immune function and improve resistance to infections caused by haze, such as impaired vision and immunity.


Avoid exposure

Wearing a respiratory mask is mandatory when travelling outside. N95 masks are highly recommended as they are designed to keep out fine particulate matter and hence protect the wearer from breathing in the smoke particles in the air. Respirator masks are available for purchase in most pharmacies. Try not to use surgical masks or paper masks as they do not provide adequate protection from haze particles. 

This might seem obvious, but it’s the simplest solution to cope with the heavy haze. Try not to exercise in the open area since aerobic activities requires one to take deep breaths. Smoking can render our lungs more susceptible to the effects of air pollutants as well. Turn on the air conditioner at all times and make sure the air filter is clean. If the air conditioner is not fitted with filters that can trap microscopic particles, then getting an air purifier is recommended. Opt for an air purifier that is capable of removing most of the air particles that flows through and has high level of airflow through the machine. To ensure that the efficiency of the air cleaning device do not diminish, it is best to change the filters and clean the electrostatic collection plates every six months to remove any particles that build up.


Alleviating the symptoms

Some of the prevalent symptoms caused by haze include sneezing, runny nose, dry throat, cough and eye irritation. Most of these ailments can be relieved by cough meds or mixtures available in pharmacies. Apply a few drops of saline solution if you experience eye irritation, it can help wash away the haze compounds or dust particles. A mixture of aloe vera and orange juice, together with a tablespoon of honey, can help soothe the throat as well. 


Drink 2 liters of water daily

Staying hydrated during the haze season is important. In order to excrete the toxins that are absorbed by our lungs and skin, the kidneys are forces to work harder. Drinking water helps our kidneys and organs function properly by alleviating the stress of the process of excreting the toxins. Do avoid drinking too much alcohol and caffeinated drinks during these times as they dehydrate our system. Replace with clear liquids or even juices to replenish. Having said that, do remember to drink too much water. Overconsumption can cause stress on our kidneys and drinking too much water can throw your blood sodium levels out of balance which can lead to further health complications.


Clean your face and hand at regular intervals

If the work needs a employee to spend a huge amount of time outdoors, it’s essential to wash the face and hands every few hours. Washing them helps to remove toxins that prevent them from being absorbed into the skin or inadvertently ingested. Always make an effort to take a shower straight after getting back from work to wash off the residues from the body.


What is your take on preventing from falling ill during the hazy season? Leave us your thoughts on the comment sections below. Head over to Jobstore.com and unveil your next job opportunity.

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