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Fortune’s ranking of the best companies to work for in 2019  is here again! This year’s finalists are companies that take the initiatives provide the best company perks and opportunities for innovation for all employees. While brand awareness is an essential criterion to get into the top 10 list, the number one value that any employer should strive for is trust. According to Great Place to Work, Fortune’s research partner, trustworthiness in the workplace entails the employee’s trust in their leaders, how they take pride in doing their work, and their experiences in collaborating with other colleagues. Organisations who can establish trust and integrity in the workplace are more likely to be recognised as an exceptional place to work and to win their peers in the business world. 

In general, employers should take into consideration not only the tangible employee benefits but also the level of job satisfaction and the overall work experience when it comes to establishing a great company culture. 

Let’s learn from these top 10 companies how they establish the workplace that promotes engagement and nurture loyalty.



3.Wegmans Food Markets


5.Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants


7.Edward Jones

8.Ultimate Software

9.Texas Health Resources

10.Boston Consulting Group


Image Source: Hilton Facebook Page


Ranked at the 33rd on the Top100 list for 2018, Hilton has taken the #1 spot from Salesforce. Under the guidance of Hilton CEO, the company launched an extensive program to upgrade the facilities used by its employees to make them equal to those used by hotel guests. Hilton also established a free program providing employees to earn their General Education Diploma(GEDs) and formed Hilton University where they can participate in workshops and training.

Lesson #1: In today’s economy, an organisation’s brand and customer loyalty rest in the hands of its employees more than ever. Building an experience where all employees thrive, regardless of role or background, is key to business success.

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Image Source: Salesforce Facebook Page


As one of the world’s best Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Company, the team prides themselves as #SalesforceOhana (‘ohana’ means family in Hawaiian). The company strive to address the differences in pay across gender and race by investing over $8.7 million for the past three years. Moreover, the company strives to promote wellness through the goals system, V2MOMs (Vision, Values, Methods, Obstacles, Measures), which includes well-being objectives alongside more traditional career mileposts.

Lesson #2: Leaders need to turn into advocates and champions of all employees. We need to provide psychologically safe environment for our employees to speak up and be heard, and we need to ensure we are engaged in the conversation.

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Image Source: Wegmans Food Market

Wegmans Food Market

Regarded as one of the largest grocery chains in the United States of America, the company has invested more than $50million a year on training and development for its massive workforce and is one of the few groceries to help with school costs.

Lesson #3: The values we share across our company, starting with caring and high standards are the foundation, and our customers appreciate our people for demonstrating those values. 

Company website:


Image Source: Workday Facebook Page


As the leading enterprise cloud applications for finance and human resource. Workday achieves work diversity through monitoring real-time data on the workforce, including pay equity, time to promotion and turnover. With over 10,200 employees, Workday has achieved a customer satisfaction rating of 98 per cent. 

Lesson #4: Always remain focused on providing a workplace where employees are excited about what they do, who they get to work with, and the positive impact they can make in the lives of customers and communities around the world.

Company website:


Image Source: Kimpton Hotels & Restaurant Facebook Page

Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants

2019 marks Kimpton’s highest placement to-date in the Fortune 100. Besides offering health care, family leave and tuition reimbursement to the child and elder back-up care and many more. Employees at the boutique hotel and restaurant are rewarded with Kimpton Moment chips which they can trade for prizes like paid days off and Apple Watches. 

Lesson #5: Creating a welcoming and inclusive culture built on heartfelt human connections is one of the best ways to drive employees to be the best versions of themselves.

Company website:


Image Source: Cisco Facebook Page


With up to 98% of 38,990 satisfied employees (according to Great Place To Work’s data), Cisco position on this list is undeniable. This  Information Technology company focuses on the community by providing every employee 40 hours of paid time off per year and has earned recognition for directly addressing the San Francisco Bay Area’s homelessness crisis through a $50 million commitment to nonprofit Destination: Home.

Lesson #6: Community involvement is one of the greatest aspects to achieving a great workplace by encouraging employees to support the communities where they live, work, play and learn.

Company Website


Image Source: Edward Jones Facebook Page

Edward Jones

This year marks the firm’s 20th year on the list thanks to its long-term relationship building with its clients. To make new hires feel supported, a robust mentorship program was adopted. According to Great Place To Work, 95% of employees enjoy the challenges available at Edward Jones.

Lesson #7: To establish a longstanding commitment to creating an environment where employers and employees can do their best work in service to the clients. The relationships with our clients and among each other is the centerpiece to form the foundation.

Company website:


Image Source: Ultimate Software Facebook Page

Ultimate Software

This year celebrates the company’s 20th year on the list as a result of its long-term relationship with its clients. A robust mentoring program was implemented to make fresh hires feel empowered. According to Great Place To Work, 95 per cent of staff appreciate the challenges available at Edward Jones.

Lesson #8: Putting your employees and their families first is the main drive towards creating the most innovating workplaces. 

Company Website:


Image Source: Texas Health Resources Facebook Page

Texas Health Resources

At Texas, fostering feedback through a multitude of communication techniques is at the heart of their corporate culture. The special initiative “Our Texas Health Promise” is set up to provide monthly coaching workshops, award ceremonies and mentorship programs to over 350 clinics and health care facilities.

Lesson #9: Being a great place to work is an evolving journey which requires unwavering commitment to listening and making improvements.

Company website:


Image Source: Boston Consulting Group Facebook Page

Boston Consulting Group

Regarded as one of the world’s leading consulting firms dedicated to solving client’s hardest problems and transforming them for the future. Boston Consulting Group strives to support their junior employees, from grad school test prep and essay feedback to average tuition reimbursement annually. 

Lesson #10: Understanding what motivates them, what are their ambitions, what do they like and dislike is important to create a sense of belonging in the workplace.

Company website:


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