9 Lies We All Tell During Job Interview

9 Lies We All Tell During Job Interview

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We all tend to lie during interviews just so we can bend in hopes of getting the job we wanted. Certain white lies, exaggerations, or half-truths are acceptable, but if you’re lying about your work credentials and abilities you don’t have, they can easily be traced by conducting background checks. Here are 10 lies that we all say in job interviews that you should think twice in advance.


1. My previous salary

We lie about our salary to negotiate with potential employers. But hiring managers can easily uncover your lie by reaching out to your previous employer or a simple online research to determine if your claims are aligned with your previous job. Regardless, this lie will cost you the job. If you believe that the figure offered is too low, try to prove your worth by coming up with a list of things you can bring to the table.


2. I am proficient in “X” program

If you can learn what you need for a job in a short time. You can claim that you’re proficient in the skills that the job demands. Granted you are a quick learner, adaptable and you’re passionate about the job.


3. My hobbies and interests

These questions were often asked before the end of your interview. If you’re about to lie about your interests, make sure you don’t say things you don’t excel in, such as swimming or writing particular novels. Only share a reasonable interest that can relate to the job you are looking to get hired.


4. Why did I leave my last job

If you resign from your previous company for personal reasons that you don’t want to share with the hiring manager, bad-mouthing is the last thing you want to do. You could always begin by exchanging some of the best experience in your last job. If you were laid off from your last job, it would be easier for you to explain the truth and explain the factors that cause you to become unemployed than to blame anyone else.


5. Where do I see myself in the next 5 years

It is not necessary to explain in detail what your future career will be in the next five years. Answer with a fairly general answer, regardless of whether you are in this company for the short or long term. You can give details about the job role and your ideal position. Never go overboard by telling your interviewer that you’re in this long-term profession unless you’re truly committed to working with the company.

6. I’m willing to relocate for this job opportunity

Falsely telling the interviewer that you open to moving just to secure a job will be unwise unless you have no issues to relocate. Most people would be unwilling to relocate due to financial constraints or personal reasons. Unless the company is willing to provide financial relocation assistance, relocating for a job may still be a valid option.


7. I can handle the long commute to work

Are you willing to hold on a new job while going through one or two hour commute on the weekdays? Unless you are unfazed with the long commute to work, you will not last long travelling to your new workplace on a daily basis.


8. I am a people person

It will always be your best interest to tell your potential employer that you are a person that can easily mix in with other workers, even if you prefer to do things on your own. Generally, minor white lies like this are deemed acceptable, rather than acknowledging to the interviewer that you don’t work well with others.


9. I am fluent in multiple languages

Attempting to lie that you are fluent in local and foreign languages to the recruiter is probably one of the hardest to convince. A simple demonstration request from your interviewers, is going to make the interview a whole lot awkward, when you only know how to say in Chinese is hello, goodbye and where is the restroom. 


What lies have you told during job interviews? Leave us your thoughts on the comment sections below. Head over to Jobstore.com and unveil your next job opportunity.

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