11 Divali Decoration Ideas For Your Workplace

11 Deepavali Decoration Ideas For Your Workplace

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Time to bring the spirit of Deepavali to life by decorating your office for the festival. Besides furnishing the workplace to set the mood, it’s also a great time for a team bonding moment and encourages colleagues from different departments to get involved in the festivities. Here are 11 creative ways to embellish your office with Deepavali’s most vibrant festive decorations.


1. Genda Phool or Marigold flowers

Mainly used for wedding decor, they are also great for enhancing the entire office space setting. There are a multitude of ways to get creative with these bright flowers, as they have the flair to make your workspace a lot more vibrant!


Image Source: https://vicinito.com/posts/12-offbeat-rangoli-ideas-you-can-try-this-diwali/5635

2. Damask or Paisley

This soft fabric with unique patterns of colourful figures can be mix and match to suit the office setting.Ā 


3. Tea Light Stand

Create your very own tea light stand to make your workspace decor stand out in the office.



Regarded as one of the most preferred decoration items for Deepavali, they are considered as an auspicious decor element. They are usually adorned with mango leaves and marigold flowers together. Torans are also made of beads, mirrors, and fabric. You can choose to design it from recycled paper or get it from the art shop. The designs can vary from cloth to flowers, and you can choose to embellish your office desk or by hanging them on the wall.


5. DiyasĀ Ā 

These traditional clay lamps that come in unique colours and designs are essential decor for the Festival of Light. You may consider decorating it with flowers to create a mesmerising decoration for your workplace. For simple decor, or you can place them on entryways.


Image Source: https://www.ariyonainterior.com/diwali-decoration-ideas/

6. Diwali drapes

Decorate your cubicle with colourful drapes to dramatically complement with the rest of your Deepavali decor. What you need are some dupattas or sarees fabrics to hang them.


7. Rangolis patternsĀ 

These unique and colourful Rangolis are an essential decor during the festival. Rangolis are made of flowers, motifs and geometrical patterns decorated on the ground. It is a traditional decorative which is best displayed at the reception or lounge section in the office.Ā 


8. Honeycomb ballsĀ 

Set up a beautiful ambience by decorating your office ceiling with pretty honeycomb balls. You can even construct your honeycomb using coloured cards and string them up to make a stunning Deepavali centrepiece in your workplace.Ā 


9. Hanging StreamersĀ 

Create your very own colourful streamers and decorate your office ceiling. This cheap and simple Deepavali decoration idea can easily be crafted together with your colleagues in the workplace.


10. Paper RosettesĀ 

Spice up your celebration by making unique paper rosettes decor. Tie it with a string loop for convenient hanging so that you can easily fasten it to a door, window or mirror. You can even transform your plain cubicle into a creative display or a colourful backdrop in the office.


11. Aakash Kandil

There are many variations for lamps/lanterns used for Deepavali decorations. They are easy and straightforward to craft. You can even design it on your own or together with your colleagues.


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