7 New Year's Eve Party Tips for Celebrating 2020

7 New Year’s Eve Party Tips for Celebrating 2020

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New Year’s Eve is the final festive celebration, and you don’t have to fork out lots of money to party. With a little budgeting and planning, you can arrange a cheap, awesome to end the year with a memorable day with your family and friends. Here are some of the best tips to arrange a rocking party to welcome the new year in 2020.



1. Host the party at your place

Don’t bother going out and try to make space for your party. Hosting the gathering at your own house or apartment will help save cost and also more comfortable for everyone else.



2. Make it cozy for all your guest

If you are planning to host a party at your place, you probably won’t be able to invite everyone over to your place, which is fine. Try to limit the invite list to several close friends or just with your family. Having a smaller party means spending less money on activities and meals. Most importantly, it gives you the chance to spend more time at the party together with all the guests.



3. Suggest to everyone to bring their favorite drink

Drinking is one of the biggest expenses for a New Year’s Eve party. You can reduce your expenses by recommending everyone to bring their favourite drink to share. This will also liven up the party by giving each guest a variety of drinks to try out. Don’t forget to ensure everyone has a backup plan to get back home safely, especially for those who are driving. Consider hailing a driver, or you can just let your guest stay in for the night.



4. Accept your guest offer for assistance at the party

Your guest will bound to lend a hand to assist you during the party, and you should accept their kind gesture. Come up with a list of items ready and mention a few suggestions with various price points, such as noisemakers or appetizers. From there, let your guest decide what they like to bring to the party.



5. Consider the pros and cons of the use of disposable plastics and papers

Paper plates and cups make cleanup straightforward and save time, but they cost more than using the dishes at your disposal. Review your expenditure and determine which is the best option to buy for the party.



6. Don’t make a big feast

While most New Year’s Eve parties tend to start late, you can consider arranging the party after dinner time. You can save cost by serving appetizers and desserts. Alternatively, you can opt for for fast food delivery services as well if you have guest coming in for dinner time. 



7. Come up with a plan when the clock strikes midnight

The time has come, the highlight of the night is when the clock hits midnight. Plan in advance how you want to make the biggest moment. Will you turn on the TV and watch the fireworks and celebrations from a live telecast? Will you arrange your own countdown? 


What is your plan for celebrating the new year’s eve? Leave us your thoughts on the comment sections below. Head over to Jobstore.com and unveil your next job opportunity.

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